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Dec. 24, 2012 WNYC reports on the PBA’s recent ad campaign that use Hurricane Sandy to remind the public that police officers routinely face danger to keep them safe.
Dec. 23, 2012 Pat Lynch and members of the PBA's executive board delivered hundreds of toys to the Sandy-devastated community of Far Rockaway.  The PBA also delivered gift cards, toys and food to the New Dorp Beach area of Staten Island at the Patrol Bureau Staten Island's party for the benefit of hurricane victims and for the second year to the Browwnville recreational center where the children murdered at the Sandy Hook school were remembered. See story in the Daily News and a second story on NBC.
Dec. 22, 2012

On ABC 7 news, in light of the tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook School, PBA president Pat Lynch emphasizes the need to get assault weapons out of the hands of civilians. Fox 5, NBC 4 and CBS 2 report that the PBA joined in a toy and coat drive in Far Rockaway to bring some cheer to the children who were victims of Hurricane Sandy. Press Release: Photo and Caption: NYCPBA's Sandy victims party on Staten Island

Dec. 19, 2012

The Daily News reports the PBA’s support for an “absolute ban” on assault weapons, quoting Pat Lynch as saying “there is no legitimate reason” for such weapons to be in the hands of civilians.  Lynch comments in the New York Times on a court decision regarding questioning individuals during a legal car stop saying: “To make unlawful a simple inquiry that would serve to protect the safety of police officer and public alike is to endanger everyone.”

December 2012

Full-page ad that appeared, or will appear, in the following newspapers: Daily News, 12/10; Chief-Leader, 12/11; New York Post, 12/12; Newsday, 12/13; The Wave, 12/21; El Diario, 12/14 and 12/17; Staten Island Advance, 12/20; New York Post CNG, 12/17-12/21; American Police Beat, first week of January.

Dec. 18, 2012 The Chief Leader reports Pat Lynch’s comments in a story about the PBA’s important victory in winning 9/11 cancer presumption cases.
Dec. 14, 2012 Reported in the Daily News, the PBA wins an important case for all 9/11 responders establishing a precedent for the city to provide evidence that cancer wasn't 9/11 related.  Pat Lynch is quoted expressing his outrage at the city's attitude toward sickened first responders.
Dec. 11, 2012 The Chief Leader reports that the Board of Collective Bargaining has dismissed an improper-practice petition filed by four police unions seeking to forbid the NYPD from requiring breathalyzer tests of all officers involved in shootings in which someone is killed or wounded.  Pat Lynch is quoted saying the decision was wrong and that the union would appeal it.  In the same issue, The Chief Leader reports that Scott Cobb, convicted of murdering police officer Edward Byrne, has been denied parole.  Pat Lynch praised the decision while decrying the need for the family to go through the same painful process in two years.
Dec. 10, 2012 In the New York Post Pat Lynch slams the Zadroga bill compensation fund for its inability to pay claims in a timely fashion, noting that NYC police officers responded quickly and decisively.
Dec. 4, 2012

The Chief Leader reports PBA Pres Lynch's bashing of how the CCRB works in an update about CCRB lawyers prosecuting in the NYPD trial room. In the Chief Leader's story about the compassion of PO Larry DePrimo who bought boots for a homeless man, Pat Lynch praises the officer's actions while noting that NYC police officers routinely perform acts of kindness towards those in need.

Nov. 30, 2012

Newsday reports that parole was denied in 1988 Queens cop killing. See also PBA press release.

Nov. 6, 2012

The Chief Leader reports the storm related death of an MOS, the impact of the storm on the PBA offices, the establishment of a disaster relief fund for MOS and the drop in crime during the hurricane.

Nov. 3, 2012 A little more than an hour after PBA president Pat Lynch issued a statement calling for the postponement of the NYC Marathon which he called "...essentially a citywide party" stating that NYPD resources were too thin, the Mayor's office annonced its decision to cancel the race.  Lynch reacted to the cancellation calling it a "wise decision," and the story was reported in the New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, ESPN, Huffington Post, Newsday, ABC News and many news outlets throughout the United States.
Nov. 2, 2012

Press release: PBA President says police resources are spread too thin to divert to Marathon coverage.  Calls for postponement. Later in the day, after the Marathon is cancelled, Pat Lynch called the decision "a wise decision."

Oct. 25, 2012

PBA president Pat Lynch visits PO Marcano in the hospital the day after the officer’s heroic actions and addresses the media about the officer’s courage and condition.  Stories are broadcast on NY 1 News; PIX 11 News; NBC 4 News; ABC 7 News; CBS 2 News; WLNY News, News 12 Bronx and National Public Radio.

Oct. 24, 2012

In a New York Times story, PBA president Pat Lynch defends the actions of Police Officer Vega who was videotaped using necessary force to arrest a trespasser.  Television reports on NY1 News, ABC 7 News, My9 News and NBC 4 News of the outstanding work done by off-duty PO Ivan Marcano who was shot in the process of breaking up an armed robbery shows Lynch at the hospital with the Mayor and the PC as they report the heroic action of this young officer.

Oct. 22, 2012 In the Chief-Leader, PBA president Pat Lynch argues for discretion for police officers while rapping the NYPD for 250 quotas
Oct. 17, 2012

PBA president Pat Lynch defends the actions of two officers accused of brutality in the videotaped arrest of a man.  ABC 7 News reporter NJ Burkett reports the story. See also the PBA press release.

Oct. 15, 2012 PBA president Pat Lynch stands with Senators Gillibrand and Schumer, Congressman King and other first responders in opposition to budget cuts that would reduce Zadroga Bill funding by $38 million. See news stories on Fox News and New York 1.
Oct. 10, 2012

PIX11’s Mario Diaz reports on increasing crime as PBA president Pat Lynch decries the dramatic reduction in police resources and its impact on public safety.

Oct. 5, 2012

In the PBA’s continuing effort to deny cop-killers parole, Pat Lynch joins the family of murdered PO Ed Byrne in delivering an impact statement against the parole of his four killers.  Stories were aired on Fox 5, PIX11 and NBC4.  PIX11 also aired a second story by Mary Murphy with a retrospective on the crime and with interviews with MOS who responded the evening of the assassination.

Oct. 2, 2012 Pat Lynch says that the Bronx DA’s refusal to prosecute trespass cases in NYC projects unless they interview the arresting officer about the circumstances of the stop is a waste of valuable time and a duplication of effort.  In a separate story, Lynch says that the football referee situation is a clear example of undervaluing professional union workers. Press release: Pat Lynch responds to the return of PO Ken Boss's weapon.
Sep. 27, 2012

PIX 11 News’s Mary Murphy interviews Diane Piagentini, the widow of PO Joseph Piagentini, who was assassinated by the Black Liberation Army along with PO Waverly Jones in 1971.  The story is part of the station’s unprecedented campaign to keep the killers of PO Edward Byne who are up for parole this month in jail.  The story mentions the PBA’s new webpage that can be used to send a letter opposing parole to the state’s parole board.

Sep. 26, 2012

PIX 11 News reporters Arthur Chi’en and Mary Murphy did an in-depth story about the Feb. 26, 1988 assassination of PO Edward Byrne whose killers are now up for parole.  Veteran news reporter Mary Murphy covered the murder in 1988 and was the first to air the videotaped confessions of the killers.  Using vintage, often shocking,  news footage from 24 years ago and an interview with former PBA Queens South trustee Tony Keller who responded to the scene of the assassination, Chi’en reports the impact of this high-profile drug murder. The incredible five-minute long story concludes with a pitch by the reporter for viewers to visit the PIX 11 website in order to express their feelings about paroling cop-killers to the state.

Sep. 24, 2012

Following the Mayor’s order to plan for 3% and 4% budget cuts over the next two years, PBA president Pat Lynch is interviewed about the need to hire additional officers and the benefits safety brings to the city’s economy.  Click here to view the New York 1 News report or click here to watch the entire interview recorded by the PBA.

Sep. 23, 2012

Marvin Scott’s “11 News Closeup” addresses the parole attempts of the murders of PO Edward Byrne in 1988 and features comments by elected officials, PBA president Pat Lynch and interviews with a former Det. Sgt. and SBA president Ed Mullins.

Sep. 20, 2012

Press release: PBA's new "Keep Cop-Killers in Jail" webpage generates over 100,000 responses during first week. Press release: Slower quality of life police response increases disorder; disorderly streets have more serious crime

Sep. 19, 2012

The Staten Island Advance quotes Pat Lynch in an article reporting the endorsement of State Senator Diane Savino by several law enforcement unions (watch PBA video).  The Brooklyn Eagle reports the PBA’s endorsement of former police officer Marty Golden for re-election to the state senate (watch PBA video).

Sep. 14, 2012 The Daily News reports the launching of the PBA’s new “Keep Cop-Killers In Jail” webpage in which Pat Lynch explains why the union initiated the effort. 
Sep. 12, 2012

Pat Lynch tells the Daily News that the only solution to stopping excessive overtime while keeping crime under control is to hire more police officers. 

Sep. 11, 2012

New York 1 News reports the memorial conducted at the 13th precinct marking the 11th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center.  In the story, Pat Lynch remembers those who died that day and also those who have died since having been sickened by toxic exposure.  Manhattan South Trustee John Flynn talks about the day as a possible terror target.

News organizations reported the endorsement of Assemblywoman Grace Meng for US Congress in a news conference held in front of One Police Plaza.  View the entire news conference video taped by the PBA, and see reports by the Western Queens Gazette and Sinovision TV.

Sep. 10, 2012 Press release: NYC PBA Endorses Queens Assemblywoman Grace Meng for US Congress
Sep. 3, 2012

Lynch says extra money generated by a modern chart should be used to hire more police and make pay more competitive.  View NY1’s report and a story in the NY Post.

Pat Lynch joins family members of PO Edward Byrne, who was assassinated by drug dealers in 1988, and Senator Charles Schumer in calling for the state Parole board to deny parole to the four cop-killers.  Reports were aired on Fox 5, WPIX 11, NY1, NBC 4 and ABC 7.

Sep. 2, 2012

Release: PBA president Pat Lynch addresses a former union proposal to increase tours of duty while reducing appearances that was recently evaluated by the Independent Budget Office.

Aug. 10, 2012 WPIX’s Mario Diaz reports that more police officers have been shot so far in this year than any year since 2001.  Diaz interviews PBA President Pat Lynch who explains that the bad guys know there aren’t enough police officers on the streets and it has emboldened them.  See the WPIX story here and see the entire unedited interview here.
Jul. 24, 2012

Lynch reacts to the Mayor’s statement about police striking until something is done about illegal guns.  Lynch called for a halt to the proliferation of illegal weapons and the addition of more police to fight the problem on ABC 7 and PIX 11.  The entire interview with NJ Burkett of ABC 7 is also available here for your viewing. See also the press release.

Jul. 19, 2012 Pat Lynch joined the parents of slain officer Russel Timoshenko as a Queens Court Judge sentenced Robert Ellis — who is serving 15 years for weapons possession in the Timoshenko murder — to an additional 25 years for an armed robbery committed the day before.  The story was reported on NBC 4; PIX 11; and in the Daily News and the New York Post.  You can also see Lynch’s entire statement in a PBA recorded video.
Jul. 10, 2012

Lynch is quoted in today's Chief-Leader, reacting to an Appellate Court decision reversing the conviction of a gun-toting 14-year old arrested in a stop-and-frisk: "This police officer's testimony describes a legally executed and appropriate stop that resulted in the confiscation of a dangerous and illegal handgun from a juvenile in a neighborhood overrun with guns. The ability of a police officer to stop, question and frisk an individual is a highly effective tactic when left to the discretion of a police officer...Police officers' discretion to use the appropriate tool in any given set of circumstanc3es is critical to effective policing."

Jul. 6, 2012 New York Post: Inside NYPD’s perilous sweeps of high-rise project buildings
Jul. 4, 2012 In the Daily News, Pat Lynch says search on gun-toting suspect was "legally executed and appropriate."
Jul. 3, 2012

In a press release, Pat Lynch reacts to another gun-toting juvenile’s stop-and-frisk conviction being overturned by the Appellate Division

Jun. 28, 2012 In a press release, PBA president reacts to court upholding the NYPD's breathalizer policy
Jun. 14, 2012

Pat Lynch speaks in support of  PO Richard Haste following the officer’s indictment.  Print reports appear in Newsday, Post, Daily News and Wall Street Journal, videos on New York 1, WPIX, WABC, WCBS, Fox News at 5 PM and at 10PM, My9, and News12, and radio on WCBS radio and FM News.

Jun. 11, 2012

Pat Lynch defends the actions of PO Richard Haste, and believes he will be exonerated at trial in the Daily News, New York Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and DNAinfo, and on New York 1, WCBS, WNBC, Fox, My9, WPIX, and News12. Pat Lynch's comments are provided in a press release.

Jun. 6, 2012 In a press release, PBA president Pat Lynch comments on the NYCLU “stop and frisk” app
Jun. 4, 2012 Press Release: Pat Lynch reacts to the Post story: “NOCTURNAL AFFAIRS: DA dolts party all night atop IAB’s tix-fix files” 
May 29, 2012 The Chief Leader quotes PBA president Pat Lynch in two articles: one about the sentencing of the killer of PO Alain Schaberger;  the other is a story about the failure of the Bronx DA to convict an armed car thief who attempted to kill an officer.
May 25, 2012

In a NY Post story, PBA president Pat Lynch slams the Bronx District Attorney’s office for an “ineffective prosecution” in a case where an armed car thief — whose DNA and fingerprints were on the guns he was carrying when arrested — was acquitted by a Bronx jury both for the weapons charge and also for attempted murder of a police officer by slamming the stolen car into PO Fannie Ortiz.

May 24, 2012

In a press release, Pat Lynch reacts to the conviction of an armed car thief who intentionally ran down a uniformed  officer but who was acquitted by a Bronx jury after an ineffective prosecution by the Bronx DA’S office.

May 23, 2012

In a PBA press release, Pat Lynch reacts to sentencing of the killer of PO Alain Schaberger. In a recently interview recorded by the PBA, PBA president Pat Lynch speaks with NY 1 News political reporter Courtney Gross about the PBA’s ad campaign, stop and frisks, summons quotas and more.  See the entire interview, unedited here. PBA president Pat Lynch is quoted in a CBS news radio and a WINS news story praising the maximum sentence handed down to the killer of PO Alain Schaberger.

May 17, 2012 New York 1 News reports on the PBA’s position regarding stop and frisks, Pat Lynch’s call for the maximum charge and sentence in the stabbing of PO Loor; on the PBA ad campaign about ticket quotas; and the PBA endorsement of Council member Elizabeth Crowley for US Congress 6th District.
May 15, 2012

The Chief Leader reports on the PBA’s campaign to bring attention to the gross mistreatment of MOS in Traffic Court by IAB bosses.

May 11, 2012 PBA president Pat Lynch fights for street renaming in honor of slain Police Officer Phillip Cardillo in a report on CBS news.
May 3, 2012

New York 1 News, Newsday and the Staten Island Advance cover the PBA’s Finest of the Finest awards ceremony. Press release: Finest of the Finest. PBA president Pat Lynch is quoted in a SI Advance article regarding the union’s long-standing opposition to quotas.

May 2, 2012

New York 1 News reports the conviction of the killer of PO Alain Schaberger while WCBS, Fox5, WABC, My9 and WPIX report the release of Police Officer Eder Loor from the hospital after his surgery for a knife wound to his brain. As reported in the Daily News, NY Times and Newsday, PBA president Pat Lynch pledges to push for the maximum sentence allowed by law in the death of Police Officer Alain Schaberger calling it the union’s “sacred obligation.” In a press release, Pat Lynch reacts to conviction of cop killer.

May 1, 2012 In this week’s Chief-Leader, PBA president Lynch calls penalties for “ticket fixing” cases “unfair and unnecessary”  while the paper’s editorial page notes Lynch’s call to hire more police in order to fight guns on the street.
Apr. 26, 2012 Pat Lynch speaks to NY 1 News regarding the difficulty PO Schaberger’s family faced in hearing graphic details of their son’s murder.
Apr. 25, 2012

Pat Lynch speaks to NY 1 News following the day’s testimony in the murder of PO Alain Schaberger.

Apr. 19, 2012

Pat Lynch speaks of violence on our streets, the loss of Peter Figoski, and the need for more police officers following a court appearance of the five accused of the officer’s murder.  View news coverage in the Daily News; NBC 4, News 12 Brooklyn and see the entire, unedited news conference in a video shot by the PBA.

Apr. 18, 2012 Metro newspaper reports the PBA’s opposition to “civilianization” calling it a band-aid approach to a serious shortage of police officers.
Apr. 17, 2012

Press Release: PBA reacts to proposed civilianization. News coverage of the attack by an EDP of Police Officer Eder Loor and the new conference at Mt. Sinai hospital where PBA president Pat Lynch spoke about the condition of the officer’s family on: NY1, CBS2; Fox5; NBC4; ABC7; MY9; PIX11. Pat Lynch speaks to reporters following a court appearance of the shooter of PO Kevin Brennan: on Channel 4 at noon NBC Nonstop; and Channel 11.

Apr. 11, 2012 In the Daily News, Pat Lynch bashes the NYPD evaluation system and pledges to use every means available, legal and otherwise, to protect officers from abuse by unscrupulous bosses who use evaluations as a weapon.
Apr. 10, 2012 In an article in the Chief Leader reporting on the PBA’s radio ads about stress being caused by IAB bosses in traffic court, Pat Lynch takes on the NYPD’s denials and accuses management of trying to hide behind a wall of statistics. Also covered by Fox Business News. Following a discussion and interview with Pat Lynch, Daily News columnist Denis Hamill writes that police should be treated like the heroes they are and not like perps in traffic court.
Apr. 9, 2012

In a Channel 7 report by NJ Burkett claiming that NYC is the safest big city for everyone but police officers, Pat Lynch ties the proliferation of illegal guns and an increase of officers being shot to lack of manpower.  View the report aired on Channel 7 and the entire lengthy interview recorded by the PBA.

Apr. 5, 2012 In the New York Times and on WNYC, union ad stresses the stress officers deal with.
Mar. 28, 2012

PBA president  Pat Lynch blasts the CCRB as city agrees to have them prosecute in the NYPD trial room. See the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, WNYC, WNBC, and DNAinfo.

Mar. 20, 2012 As reported on New York 1 News, Fox TV news and WINS radio news, Pat Lynch joins the Public Advocate in announcing the release of medical information for 9/11-related cancer-stricken MOS to Mt. Sinai and calls for cancer to be included in the Zadroga bill. 
Mar. 5, 2012 Pat Lynch calls an Assemblyman’s proposal to require police to undergo a mental evaluation every three years “absolutely unnecessary” in the Daily News and NY Post; on New York 1 and WPIX; and on CBS and WINS news radio.
Mar. 4, 2012 In a press release, Pat Lynch slams the city’s efforts to deny deceased PO Frank Macri’s family a line of duty pension.
Mar. 4, 2012

Press Release: PBA reacts to Assemblyman Stevenson's proposed legislation requiring psychiatric evaluations every three years for Police Officers due to police shootings.

Feb. 28, 2012 PO Kevin Brennan appears in court as the skell that tried to kill him pleads not guilty.   Officer Brennan and his family stood with Pat Lynch after the court appearance as Lynch addressed the media and called for more police to deal with the dangers on the street.  Watch the entire PBA recorded press conference and coverage on CBS TV, WPIX TV, News 12 Brooklyn,  New York 1, NBC TV and  ABC TV.  Lynch’s comments also appear in the Daily News and the Post.
Feb. 16, 2012 Pat Lynch says the city’s offer to release information of those who worked during the rescue, recovery and cleanup “…is of no value in the short term” because it doesn’t provide a cancer rate among our members.  See coverage from Channel 4, the Daily News and the Wall Street Journal.
Feb 13-16, 2012

This full-page PBA advertisement ran in The Daily News on Fri., Feb. 10; New York Post on Mon., Feb. 13; El Diario on Mon., Feb. 13; the Chief on Tue., Feb. 14; the Washington Post on Wed., Feb. 15; the Amsterdam News on Thu., Feb. 16.

Feb. 15, 2012 Press Release: Pat Lynch reacts to City/Mt. Sinai agreement to release some 9/11 data
Feb. 14, 2012
Retired police officer William Farely who is suffering from 9/11 related pancreatic cancer speaks with Channel 4’s government affairs reporter Melissa Russo about his plight.
Feb. 13, 2012

Articles and video on Fox local and national “Studio B” news, WNYC radio, the NY Times, Chief, Daily News, NY Post, Metro and the Brooklyn Eagle continue coverage of Pat Lynch's demand for the release of 9/11 cancer statistics.

Feb. 12, 2012

Press Release: PBA demands immediate release of WTC cancer data; Police Officer’s 9/11 uniform shows high levels of cancer-causing toxins; state legislators introduce bill to compel city to release data. Includes statement by Richard Lee.

Following a major PBA news conference at which Pat Lynch demanded the release of 9/11 cancer statistics from the NYPD and an expert forensic scientist Dr. Richard Lee explained the types of carcinogens and toxins found on the uniform of 9/11 first responder PO Alonzo Harris, reports were broadcast on New York 1, Channel 7. Channel 11, and CBS radio news.  Assemblyman Micah Kellner and State Senator Diane Savino, who are are submitting legislation to compel the release of the data, and Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio joined in pressing for the release of this critical cancer data.

Feb. 10, 2012

Bellevue Hospital was the scene of the “walkout” for PO Kevin Brennan covered by NY 1 News, Channel 4, Channel 5 at 5PM and 6PM, Channel 7, Channel 11, News12 Long Island and Telemundo Channel 47.  We’re all glad to see him go home safely.

Feb. 9, 2012

On Channel 4 and Channel 11 Pat Lynch reacts to the confession of PO Figoski’s killer saying that the shooter is a coward who would say anything to avoid responsibility for shooting and killing a NYC police officer.

Press Release: PBA President reacts to the confession of Officer Figoski’s killer that was broadcast by NBC last evening

Feb. 8, 2012

Channel 4’s “ I Team” broadcasts the confession of Lamont Pride who is accused of shooting and killing PO Peter Figoski.

Feb. 7, 2012

WINS radio and News 12 Long Island reports the increase of cancer in 9/11 police responders originally reported in the Post.

Feb. 6, 2012 A story in the New York Post reports on the NYPD’s refusal to release 9/11 cancer data among MOS, and quotes Pat Lynch saying: “It’s time to stop the obstruction and provide the date the Police Department has already collected so that the federal government doesn’t have to operate in the dark.  How many more have to die before the city releases these data?”
Feb 2, 2012

The New York Post also reports PBA President Pat Lynch's reaction to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's letter to Mayor Bloomberg urging the city to do more in studying WTC-related cancers among police officers.

The New York Post reports Pat Lynch's reaction to news that suspect in incident caught on video violently resisted arrest and seriously injured a police officer.

Feb. 1, 2012

The New York Post, the Daily News, Channel 4, Channel 5, Channel 7, New York 1 and 1010WINS report PBA President Pat Lynch's reaction to the interim order banning off-duty use of objects or apparel bearing NYPD logo.

Two press releases were issued: Statement by PBA President Pat Lynch about Public Advocate de Blasio’s letter to Mayor Bloomberg urging the City to conduct a thorough study of WTC-related cancers among NYC Police Officers and statement by PBA President Pat Lynch re Bronx Incident caught on video.

PBA President Pat Lynch appears at press conference about police officer who survived being shot in the head by a criminal in Brooklyn. Coverage on Channel 2, Channel 5, Channel 7, Channel 11, and New York 1.

Jan. 31, 2012 In a press release, PBA President Pat Lynch reacts to interim order banning off-duty use of objects or apparel bearing NYPD logo.
Jan. 26, 2012 The New York Post reports that the PBA wins right to file grievance on behalf of officer who claimed he suffered retaliation for not writing enough summonses  and doing too few stop-and-frisks and for consulting with union delegates about the problem.
Jan. 24, 2012 Pat Lynch Reacts to Mayor Bloomberg’s Pension Proposals in a press release.
Jan. 18, 2012 Pat Lynch’s reaction to the Governor’s proposed state budget is covered on Fox News, and in the New York Post and the International Business Times.
Jan. 7, 2012 News 12 Bronx reports on Bronx BP Ruben Diaz’s “Three Kings Day” celebration at which toys donated by the PBA were distributed to children at PS 5 in the Bronx.  Check out the smiling faces on the children and PBA officials in the background.
Jan. 5, 2012

News 12 Bronx, New York 1 News, the Daily News, the New York Post and New York 1 Noticias report on the recent court action regarding ticket fixing and Pat Lynch pledges an aggressive defense in a PBA-shot video.

Jan. 4, 2012 The killers of PO Figoski appear in court.  Reports were filed by Fox News at 5 PM; NY 1 News; Fox 5 at 10 PM; PIX at 5 PM; NBC at 6 PM; My 9 News at 10 PM; ABC news; CBS news at 5 PM, and WINS radio.  You can also watch Pat Lynch’s full statement in a PBA shot video.   The Daily News reports the PBA’s strong opposition to the request of a cop killer for a furlough to attend his grandmother’s funeral.
Jan. 3, 2012

Pat Lynch speaks to the Chief Leader regarding how the PBA reacts to the death of one of its members and what it does to help the family deal with the grief during the process.

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