Cuomo cast all of this as significant reform,and he mocked ideas being pushed in other states as window dressing.

"There is no quick fix to this," Cuomo said. "There is no stop tear gas, change the uniforms."

Cuomo issued an Executive Order stating that local governments and police agencies need to:

--Develop a plan that reinvents and modernized police strategies and programs in their community. Any agencies that don't comply will not get funded.

--Must formulate a plan addressing use of force by police officers, crowd management, community policing, implicit bias awareness, de-escalation training and practices, restorative justice practices, community based outreach, a transparent citizen complaint disposition procedure and other issues raised by the community.

--Must enact by local law by April 1.

The governor said the goal of the executive order is to restore trust.

"How many times do you have to see the same case before you do something," Cuomo said. "God bless this country for standing up and saying enough is enough."

The bill allows the attorney general to investigate and prosecute when someone dies during or after an encounter with a police officer.

"This is a great day for advocates," Rev. Sharpton said. "(Cuomo) has raised the bar with how we deal with policing."