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Since being elected president of the PBA, Pat Lynch has done thousands of interviews in an effort to promote issues of importance to every police officer in New York City.

Listed below you will find a partial chronological listing of stories in which Pat Lynch speaks on your behalf or where the PBA is an important part of the story. In many cases, you can actually see or hear a television or radio story simply by clicking on the station designation.

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May 26, 2016 The Daily News and City and State report on the PBA’s continuing efforts to equalize disability pensions for all police officers following a “member activation event” outside of City Hall where flyers calling for the City Council to support the equalization were handed out.
May 24, 2015

The Chief Leader reports on the PBA’s recent 30-second television commercial featuring the family of a police officer and the difficulty they have facing the monthly bills.  The story also reports the union’s willingness to enter into a long-term contract “…as long as it is at a market rate of pay.”  

May 19, 2016 The Staten Island Advance published an op-ed column by Pat Lynch that says the support that police officers need from the Mayor is in actions…not just words.
May 17, 2016 The Daily News, Post and Wall Street Journal report on the PBA’s new TV ad that shares the fight of a typical PBA family who struggles to make ends meet. 

The Chief Leader reports on Pat Lynch’s call to eliminate 27 arbitrators from the list of “neutrals” because of their interest in punishing the PBA for speaking out about Howard Edelman’s unethical behavior.

May 16, 2016 The PBA launched a major television advertising campaign criticizing Mayor de Blasio and his administration for refusing to support fair pay for New York City police officers. The campaign, which will air over the next four weeks on numerous broadcast and cable news channels in the NYC area, will feature the families of PBA members and will highlight the financial impact of New York City police officers' below-market salary. The first installment in this campaign will air on ABC 7, CBS 2, PIX 11, NBC 4, Fox 5, WLNY 10/55, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and CNBC. The campaign was reported on NBC TV news and WOR radio.
May 13, 2016 Pat Lynch joined dozens of police officers to support the family of fallen P.O. Anthony Dwyer as they delivered a victim impact statement at the parole hearing of Edward Matos. Matos, who pushed P.O. Dwyer off the roof of a Times Square building in 1989, is up for parole for the second time.  See Facebook photos, PBA-recorded video and WINS radio report of statements by Pat Lynch and P.O. Dwyer's mother, Marge Dwyer.

Pat Lynch appeared on Fox News’s O’Reilly Factor on Thursday evening to talk about the impact of cell phone videos on law enforcement and police morale.  In a story in the NY Post, Lynch calls the reassignment of the officer who said that de Blasio wants us to issue traffic summonses an “unjustified punitive transfer.”

In a wide-ranging interview with Joe Piscopo on AM 970, Pat Lynch said the Mayor "just doesn't get it" when it comes to supporting police officers, noting that "saying nice things about" them is no substitute for them paying them like a professional and providing adequate disability benefits.

May 10, 2016 Pat Lynch is quoted in the Chief Leader’s news story about the conviction of Marcell Dockery in the arson death of PO Dennis Guerra and the serious injury of PO Rosa Rodriguez.
May 6, 2016 Following the conviction of cop-killer Marcell Dockery in Brooklyn Criminal Court, PBA president Pat Lynch calls the verdict “just” but notes that the verdict will not lessen the pain of loss suffered by the Guerra family.  Stories were reported by:  NY Daily News; NY Post; NY Times; Newsday; Wall Street Journal, and on New York 1 News; NBC 4 News; ABC 7 News; News 12 The Bronx; 770 AM News; WOR news; CBS 2 News.
May 5, 2016 PBA president Patrick J. Lynch joined by the parents, wife and partner of PO Dennis Guerra who was killed in an arson fire, speaks to reporters following the conviction of Marcell Dockery of murder 1, assault 1 and arson 3.  Lynch gives a statement and then speaks on behalf of the Guerra family who chose not to answer questions.  This audio file was recorded by the PBA.
Apr. 28, 2016 PBA president Pat Lynch was a guest on New York 1’s “Inside City Hall” with Errol Lewis and spoke about the findings of the PBA’s recent members survey, the status of contract negotiations and the need to equalize pension benefits for all of our members. 
Apr. 26, 2016

Severely injured PO Rosa Rodriguez testified at the trial of a 16-year-old whose arson fire took the life of PO Dennis Guerra in Coney Island.  PBA president Pat Lynch spoke to the media about the difficult day of testimony for the officer’s families and colleagues.  Reports ran on: CBS radio #1; CBS radio #2: New York 1 news; WOR radio; CBS 2 TV news; NBC 4 TV news; ABC 7 TV news and were published in the NY Daily News and NY Post.

Apr. 21, 2016

The PBA’s pay inequality message (mounted on a truck) is reported in a New York 1 story about Mayor de Blasio’s first town hall meeting in Staten Island.

Apr. 20, 2016

Jose Bernazard was convicted of beating a woman on Father’s Day 2014 and attempted murder of a police officer, Joseph Koch, when shots were fired as the officer struggled to subdue the attacker.  DNAinfo reports on the conviction and PBA president Pat Lynch called the officer’s actions “selfless and heroic.”

Apr. 19, 2016

The Chief Leader reports, with comments from Pat Lynch,  on CCRB chairman Richard Emery’s  resignation with an editorial about it; the officer who blamed de Blasio for issuing traffic tickets also with an editorial about it and a story about court appeal regarding a ruling that a  cop-killer couldn’t be executed because of lack of metal capacity.

Apr. 16, 2016 A video-taped melee requiring a police response resulted in a video of an arrest with claims of excessive force, reported by New York 1 TV news.  PBA president Pat Lynch said a snippet of video never tells the full story and everyone must wait for all the facts before passing judgment.
Apr. 15, 2016

About 100 NYC police officers fanned out in the five boroughs to distribute information seeking the public’s support for fair pay and disability benefits.  The team at Times Square Subway station include PBA president Pat Lynch who spoke to reporters about the need for City Hall to have an honest negotiation with the union.  Reporters took the opportunity to ask Lynch about several breaking stories including the resignation of CCRB chair Richard Emery and the postponed sentencing of former PO Peter Liang.  There are multiple radio stories on the topics using different comments from Lynch.  Stories were reported by: Daily News; NBC 4 TV news; 880 AM # 1; 880 AM #2; WINS radio #1; WINS radio # 2; WINS radio #3.

Apr. 14, 2016

Pat Lynch spoke to 1010 WINS Glenn Schuck this morning while handing out leaflets in Times Square calling for fair pay and benefits for New York City police officers.  Lynch said that City Hall's claim that its "door is open" to the PBA rings hollow, because negotiating with the Mayor means "as long as you go in and agree with whatever he wants. That's not negotiating.  We want to go in, negotiate and fix the problem, and fix the income inequality in the NYPD."  Lynch also discussed the resignation of CCRB Chairman Richard Emery and the Peter Liang trial.  See the full PBA-recorded video here.

Following Pat Lynch’s second call for the resignation or termination of Richard Emery as CCRB chair, Emery finally saw the writing on the wall and pulled the plug.  Lynch is quoted saying that next CCRB chairperson has to be a reasonable, fair-minded person who has a respect for the difficult work that police officers do.  Stories appeared in: NY Daily News with an editorial; NY Post with an editorial; DNAinfo; Newsday; Wall Street Journal; and on Fox 5 TV news; CBS 2 TV news; NBC 4 TV news.

Apr. 13, 2013

Pat Lynch calls the suspension of a police officer who blamed increased traffic tickets on de Blasio “a colossal politically motivated overreaction…”  Stories were reported in the Daily News; the Post which also ran an editorial and Newsday, and reported on WPIX 11 TV news, WOR radio, WINS radio and CBS radio.

The Chief Leader reports on the death of cop-killer Anthony Laborde about which Pat Lynch said that the city and the world is better off without him and his bloodthirsty pals.

Apr. 12, 2016 The Daily News, Politico New York and the Staten Island Advance report on a mailer to progressive households noting that as the NYPD became more diverse, the comparable level of police pay has declined from being the highest paid to the lowest.
Apr. 7, 2016

WINS radio reports on the PBA's radio campaign targeting Mayor de Blasio for action.  They uses a sound bite from the "Fire Emery" commercial and reported on the income inequality commercial that started airing on Thursday, April 7.

Pat Lynch went on the John Gambling Show on AM 970 to discuss the new PBA radio ad calling on Mayor de Blasio to prove his support for working men and women by paying police officers a fair market wage. Lynch said that although 60% of PBA members live in NYC, "they can't afford to rear their family here, because we're the lowest paid big city police officers in the country. [The mayor] can fix that."

Apr. 5, 2016 The Chief Leader reports and editorializes on the continuing saga of the arrest of a postal worker. In his opinion column, the Chief’s editor clearly misses Pat Lynch’s point about withholding judgment until all the facts are in and reaches his own, uninformed conclusion about the incident.

In the Daily News, Pat Lynch says that “no righteous person should shed a tear…” for cop-killer Anthony Laborde who died in prison over the weekend.  Lynch said that sympathies should be reserved for the families of murdered PO John Scarangella and his partner PO Richard Rainey who was struck by 14 of the assassin’s bullets but survived to live a life of constant pain.  Richard Rainey died last year.

Apr. 4, 2016 Pat Lynch appeared on AM 970’s program “The Cat’s Roundtable” where he spoke about the lack of support for NYC police officers, the low morale among the force and the anti-police atmosphere that has emboldened criminals.  He said that morale can be improved by paying NYC police officers as the professionals that they are and to equalize the disability benefit changed in 2009.  The Post picked up and published a story about the anti-police atmosphere based on Lynch’s comments on the program.
Apr. 1, 2016 The Daily News quotes Pat Lynch in a story about 27 arbitrators who do not want to participate in any future PBA arbitration because of the “reprehensible” treatment the PBA gave Howard Edelman. Lynch notes that the union has every right to publicly object to his unethical behavior.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Lynch’s call to avoid a rush to judgment in the arrest of a postal employee which resulted in the modification of the Lieutenant overseeing the team.

Mar. 31, 2016 PBA president Pat Lynch cautions against a “rush to judgment” (see press release here)  in the case of an arrested postal worker noting that no public comment should be made by anyone, including the Police Commissioner, until all of the facts are known.  His comments were published in the Daily News and in DNAinfo, and on New York 1.
Mar. 29, 2016

New Jersey’s WMBC TV news reports on security in NYC’s homeless shelters and uses footage of Pat Lynch from the PBA’s news conference announcing survey results to highlight the PBA’s position on police responding to shelters.

The Chief Leader reports and editorializes on the Brooklyn DA’s recommendation that Peter Liang not serve jail time and they quote Pat Lynch noting that the reasons the DA cites are the reasons Liang should not have been indicted in the first place.  They also report that 27 arbitrators have told the City that they do not wish to be considered for any PBA arbitration calling the PBA’s reaction to the Edelman decision “reprehensible.”  Lynch responds that the union has filed a complaint against Edelman’s for unethical behavior  noting that he accepted work from the City during the arbitration without informing the union and that he disregarded the rules of evidence and law in his decision.  In another story, the Chief Leader reports on the Federal Monitor’s decision to require an officer to write a narrative to justify any stop.

Mar. 25, 2016 The NY Post printed Pat Lynch's op-ed piece about low morale in the department and what can be done to improve it.

Politico New York highlights a PBA mailer sent to voters across the five boroughs this week, calling on them to support fair disability benefits for NYC police officers by contacting their state legislators.  See the mailer here.

Mar. 24, 2016 The Brooklyn District Attorney has recommended that former PO Peter Liang serve no jail time in a fatal accidental shooting.   PBA president Pat Lynch told the media that criminalizing an accident serves no good purpose and that the DA should never have indicted the officer to begin with. (Read entire statement.) The story was reported by: Politico NY; NY Times; the Wall Street Journal; Daily News; Newsday and the NY Post, and reports appeared on ABC 7 news; NBC 4 news; PIX 11 news and Fox 5 news
Mar. 22, 2016 The Chief Leader reports and editorializes on the findings of the PBA’s first-ever members survey.  Pat Lynch is quoted in a story about absentee Crossing Guards and the use of police officers to fill in for them.
Mar. 17, 2016

The Wall Street Journal and NY Post report on the PBA’s contracting with a powerful outside firm to assist in the union’s battle for better pay and pension benefits.

The PBA’s first ever membership survey continues in the news for a second day with a commentary session on Fox 5 News and an additional report on WOR radio.

PIX 11 News reports on using police officers to backfill for crossing guards who don’t show up. PBA president Pat Lynch is quoted noting that police are frequently called upon when other services fail but the NYPD needs more police officers to keep up with the demand. See PBA press release.

Lynch was interviewed during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on NBC 4 TV in the line of march.

Mar. 16, 2016 The PBA held a news conference (see press release) yesterday (see the entire event here) to announce all of the results (see survey results here) of the union’s first-ever membership survey.  Print stories appeared in: Daily News; Post story and commentary; Washington Free Beacon; Politico NY and NY Magazine. Reports also appeared on CBS 2 TV news; ABC 7 TV news; PIX 11 TV news; WMBC (NJ) TV news; News 12 Bronx; and WOR radio. Headlines ranged from “All cops hate deBlasio” to “NYPD Officers Reluctant to take Enforcement Actions Under Threat of Lawsuits, Public Complaints.” 
Mar. 15, 2016 The Daily News; Newsday; Wall Street Journal; NY Post; SI Advance; CBS TV; Fox TV; ABC TV; PIX 11 TV; New York 1; WOR radio; News radio 880; WINS radio and 770 radio all reported the “preview” findings of the union’s first ever survey of its members reporting that morale is at rock bottom, the city is getting less safe and most officers would leave for a better paying law enforcement job. 

The Chief Leader reports that the US Attorney will not charge PO Richard Haste and editorializes on NYPD training.  The Chief also reports the union’s support for a CPR instructor put on modified duty and the PBA’s “Emery must go” TV ads.

See PBA-recorded video of Pat Lynch's opening remarks during the press conference releasing the results of the PBA's recent member survey, which showed that morale among New York City police officers is at rock bottom.  Lynch said: "What we're saying is: 'City Hall, this is how our members feel, and it's real.' This is an opportunity for us to solve the problem. We've always been and stand ready to solve these problems. Not Band-Aid approaches — solve them, and solve them consistently on into the future." See also the full press conference.

Mar. 14, 2016 A preview of results from the PBA’s first-ever survey of its members revealing that MOS feel the city is less safe, morale is extremely low and that perps are now much more likely to resist arrest was reported in Newsday; Daily News; Wall Street Journal and NY Post.  The result of the full survey taken by over 6,000 police officers, will be released on Tuesday, March 15 at a news conference.
Mar. 12, 2016 The Daily News reported on the renaming of a Bronx street on Friday for a police officer shot to death on duty in 1996 by a carjacker in the Bronx.
Mar. 10, 2016 PBA president Pat Lynch was quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying that the PBA will not let one of our members, in this case PO Melissa Brown, take the fall for an ineffective training program and that after a full review, she will be cleared.  Read Lynch’s statement here.
Mar. 9, 2016 Following the Federal prosecutor Phreet Bharra’s announcement that there will not be any charges filed against PO Richard Haste in the shooting of Ramarley Graham, PBA president Pat Lynch told the media that while we gratified that there are no charges, there are no winners in this case and that it was a good faith effort to rid the community of guns and drugs that lead to the tragedy.  Stories were reported in: NY Times; Daily News; Wall Street Journal; NY Post; Albany Times Union and on CBS 2 News; PIX 11 News and Fox 5 News
Mar. 8, 2016 Pat Lynch and other PBA board officers and members joined hundreds of police officers from around the country at St. Patrick's Cathedral for a memorial Mass in honor of Euless, Texas Police Officer David Hofer.  Hofer, a former NYPD member with the 9 Pct., was shot and killed in the line of duty last week.  Lynch said: "We come here together because we’re family. We have our family at home. We have our family on the street. He’s part of both.’’  Stories appeared in the Post, the Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and on ABC 7 News and KSWO TV in Texas.
Mar. 7, 2016 The Daily News reports on the PBA’s television ad that will start airing Tuesday calling on Mayor de Blasio to start showing real respect for NYC police officers by firing CCRB chairman Richard Emery.  Politico, the daily round up of political news in NYC and Albany also wrote about the PBA’s TV ad.  Here’s how it read:  FIRST LOOK: The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association has a television ad calling for de Blasio to fire Richard Emery, chairman of the Civilian Complaint Review Board. The ad starts Tuesday and runs thru March 14, on NY1, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and News 12. "His law firm is seeking fees [from people suing cops] and he calls cops 'pigs?' Mayor de Blasio, police sacrifice daily to keep this city safe. All they ask for in return in respect. You can start by firing Richard Emery." SEE THE AD
Mar. 1, 2016 The Chief Leader quotes Pat Lynch in its article about CCRB chair Richard Emery.

A Post editorial about increased response times for police and fire quotes Pat Lynch noting the shortage of police officers and the burden of heavy paperwork that officers have to complete before responding to the next job.

The Daily News reports Richard Emery’s announcement that his law firm would no longer take cases against police officers where a CCRB complaint was substantiated.  Pat Lynch was quoted saying:  “Richard Emery has revealed his blatant bias through his statements.  These measures are too little, too late and do not cure what is now obvious --  he can cannot be fair and impartial."

Feb. 29, 2016 Following an interview (listen to it here) on AM 970’s “The Cat’s Roundtable,” Pat Lynch’s call for CCRB chairman Richard Emery to resign or be dismissed were reported in the Daily News; Newsday and on PIX 11 TV news.
Feb. 28, 2016 NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin supports the PBA's position and slams CCRB chairman Richard Emery as "another pig at the de Blasio trough" as the second story in his opinion column. 
Feb. 27, 2016 In a story reported by City and State, Pat Lynch explains that response times are up because of lack of staffing, taking officers out of precincts to cover other demands and that officers have jobs stacked up because of an outrageous amount of paperwork that has to be completed before responding to the next job.
Feb. 26, 2016 Governor Cuomo called for CCRB chair Richard Emery to apologize or resign for his “stuck pig” comment to which PBA president Pat Lynch said (read Lynch’s entire statement here) that Emery cannot take back the words and he must be dismissed or resign now.  A Post editorial said Emery must go and the Daily News editorial was highly critical and noted that no police officer can trust a fair shake from CCRB while Emery is chair.  Stories appeared in: Daily News; Post; Newsday; and on New York 1 News; Newsradio 880 and 1010 WINS.
Feb. 25, 2016 A front page Daily News exclusive reports CCRB Chairman Richard Emery’s reaction to the PBA calling for his removal saying that the union was acting like “a stuck pig.”  Pat Lynch said Emery’s inflammatory language shows his true attitude and that he should have “… no role in an agency charged with conducting fair and impartial investigations."
Feb. 23, 2016 This week’s edition of the Chief Leader covers the Liang verdict which PBA president Pat Lynch called “a terrible, tragic accident and not a crime.”  They also reported on de Blasio’s revisiting of comments he made about his son’s interactions with police where Lynch called for the Mayor to recognize his own anti-police bias.  Lynch was also quoted in stories about the CCRB chairman’s conflict of interest (Lynch called for his removal calling it an “irreconcilable conflict of interest”) and the negative impact that the Federal Monitor’s new SQF rules have caused.
Feb. 21, 2016 The media report on the early Saturday morning shootout in Brooklyn in which POs William Reddin and Andrew Yurkiw of the 81 Pct. anti-crime team were injured. Stories appeared in the New York Times, the Post, Newsday and the Daily News. A separate Daily News story highlighted the fact that PO Yurkiw's father, retired Det. Paul Yurkiw, was also saved by his bullet-resistant vest 27 years ago. The story was also covered on NBC 4 News, CBS 2 News, News 12 Long Island, New York 1, and CBS radio news.
Feb. 20, 2016 The Daily News reports on Pat Lynch's call for the mayor to remove CCRB Chairman Richard Emery due to the irreconcilable conflict of interest created by Emery's law firm's representation of CCRB complainants in lawsuits against NYPD members.
Feb. 19, 2016

In stories about  “implicit bias training” in which de Blasio revisited the need to speak with his son about encounters with police, Pat Lynch said that the Mayor needs to “recognize his own bias against police.”  Stories appeared in the Post and in Politico/Capital NY.   

In a separate Daily News editorial, the paper notes how de Blasio is perpetuating the class separation that he vowed to eliminate by signing the by signing the 32% raise for Council members while saddling police officers with a 1% raise.  The editorial notes that the Mayor’s actions provide a moral justification for the PBA — the only union in the city to fight for more than the city’s pattern offer — to seek a much higher salary increase.

Feb. 17, 2016 NY Post opinion column by Bob McManus called “The deBlasio Culture of Corruption” zeroes in on CCRB chairman Richard Emery’s conflict of interest created by his law firm representing CCRB complainants in civil suits when the CCRB finds their complaints substantiated.  McManus quotes Pat Lynch calling it an “irreconcilable conflict of interest.”
Feb. 16, 2016 The Chief Leader reports the conviction of officer Liang and Pat Lynch’s statement that the jury got it “absolutely wrong.”
Feb. 13, 2016

New York 1 News's political reporter, Grace Rauh, examines the political implications of the Liang verdict during which PBA Pat Lynch notes that turning an accident into a crime will have a "chilling effect" on patrol officers.  Lynch also notes that the mayor picks his words cautiously but that police officer need to see actions to feel supported.

Pat Lynch discusses the need for improvements in city housing projects in order to make it safe for patrol and residents.  Stories appeared on: New York 1; Fox 5 news; ABC 7 news and in the NY Times

The Daily News quotes Pat Lynch saying the CCRB chairman has an "irreconcilable" conflict of interest earing money from suing the city over substantiated CCRB cases.  Read entire Lynch quote here

Feb. 12, 2016 Pat Lynch calls the manslaughter conviction of PO Peter Liang “absolutely wrong” that will have a “chilling effect” on police across the city by criminalizing a tragic accident.  Stories appeared in: Times; Daily News; Post; Newsday; Wall Street Journal; Politico/Capital NY; DNAinfo; Washington Post; The Guardian; Huffington Post; Yahoo news and Reuters news service and on WLNY; WINS; New York 1 news; CBS 2 news; News 12 Long Island.

In a separate story, PBA president Pat Lynch hammers the City Council speaker’s plan to wipe out nearly 700,000 misdemeanor warrants noting that neighborhoods will become “cesspools.”  The story was reported on CBS 2 news and WINS radio news.

Feb. 11, 2016 In the NY Post, Pat Lynch notes the problems created by a lack of quality of life enforcement as the City Council speaker pushes to wipe over 700,000 arrest warrants off the books. 

Hero police officer Diara Cruz is released from the hospital to be greeted by the PBA president and a host of her friends and colleagues.  Stories appear in DNAinfo; the Post; the Daily News; Newsday and on  New York 1 News; News 12 the Bronx; NBC 4 News; Fox 5 News and News 12 Long Island.

Feb. 9, 2016 The Chief Leader, in a story about PO Liang’s accidental discharge that killed a bystander, quotes Pat Lynch regarding the hazards of vertical patrols saying that there is nothing “routine” about them.  In a separate article, The Chief Leader notes Lynch’s observation that waking sleeping subway passengers is a “band-aid” approach to a problem and an attempt to conceal a shortage of police officers.
Feb. 6, 2016 Hero police officer Patrick Espeut walks out of Lincoln Hospital to the applause of his fellow officers less than 24 hours of being shot.  Pat Lynch uses the occasion to call for the hiring of more police officers.  The story is reported by: the Daily News;  News 12 the Bronx on Lynch's remarks and Officer Espaut's walkout; CBS 2 News; News 12 Long Island; Fox 5 News; PIX 11 News.

The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio report the impact of the Cruz/Espeut shooting on the trial of PO Peter Liang whose accidental discharge killed an innocent bystander.

A Daily News editorial calls for the Mayor to veto a huge City Council raise noting that police, who risk their lives on the job, only got a 1% raise.

Feb. 5, 2016 Following the shooting of hero POs Patrick Espeut and Diara Cruz, Pat Lynch spoke to the media from a conference room at Lincoln Hospital citing the dangers of vertical patrol and calling on the public to inform police of anyone that they know who has an illegal weapon.  Lynch’s remarks appeared in: Daily News; Times; Newsday; Politico; DNAinfo; Times Union, Albany and WINS radio; News 12 the Bronx; PIX 11 News; 770 AM radio.

The NY Times reported on steps being taken by the City and NYPD to protect police officers who are accused in frivolous lawsuits.  Pat Lynch noted that the program was “a strong step in the right direction”  but that the jury was still out on its effectiveness.

Pat Lynch calls the department’s plan to wake a sleeping passengers on subway trains an attempt to conceal the fact that there are not enough police officers to cover the subway and calls it a band-aid approach.  Stories appeared on: ABC 7 news; Fox 5 news and on WINS radio news.

Feb. 4, 2016 Pat Lynch and Second Vice President Mubarak Abdul-Jabbar testified before a joint hearing of state Senate and Assembly committees on public safety issues in the state budget.  See video of Lynch's testimony and read the PBA's full statement to the Legislature.
Feb. 2, 2016 As the family of Ramarley Graham calls on Mayor de Blasio to fire police officer Richard Haste, PBA president Pat Lynch said: “ Regardless of the facts in this case, a family lost a loved one and they have our sympathy, but grief and emotion can never override due process.”  The story was reported on PIX 11 News and New York 1 News, and you can read Lynch’s entire statement here.
Jan. 29, 2016 In part one of a wide-ranging interview with FiOS 1 News's Dominic Carter, Pat Lynch discusses the trial of P.O. Peter Liang and the boycott of cop-hating director Quentin Tarantino. See also part two of the interview.
Jan. 26, 2016 This week’s Chief Leader reports on the boycott that the NYC PBA initiated against the latest movie made by cop-hater Quentin Tarantino and also reports on the Zadroga bill’s reauthorization and the need to include nerve damage caused by toxic dust.
Jan. 23, 2016 In an article in the Daily News about fellow arbitrators' defense of Howard Edelman, Pat Lynch indicates that the PBA has filed a formal complaint against him with the American Arbitration Association and notes that they should not prejudge Edelman's actions before having all the facts in the case. See Lynch's full statement.
Jan. 22, 2016 The Daily News, in its follow-up to their front-page exclusive (see it here) about the notorious PERB chairman, Howard Edelman, notes, among other things, that he accepted future work from NYC while chairing the PBA contact panel.
Jan. 21, 2016 Front page of the NY Daily News blasts PERB chairperson Howard Edelman’s $115,000 payday while awarding a “measly” 1% raise to police officers.  Lynch is quoted saying that Edelman didn’t “legitimately earn his pay.”  (Read Lynch’s entire statement.)

A terrorist threat against police officers in Philadelphia and NYC that originated in Manhattan resulted in warnings by the NYPD and the PBA to officers to take all precautions.  Stories were reported in: Daily News; Wall Street Journal; Newsday; WINS radio; NY 1 News; News 12 the Bronx; Fox 5 news and ABC 7 news.

Jan. 19, 2016 This week’s Chief Leader quotes Pat Lynch in reaction to outrageous pay raises for elected officials.
Jan. 16, 2016 With the news that cop-hating director Quentin Tarantino's latest feature is tanking at the box office, Pat Lynch said that the PBA-initiated boycott of the movie demonstrates the immense economic power of police officers and police supporters around the country. Lynch was quoted in the Post's Page Six, the Daily News, the Washington Times, the Daily Mail, the Guardian and on WOR radio.
Jan. 15, 2016 Calling huge raises for elected officials an “abomination” and an “insult to all police officers,” Pat Lynch’s vehement objections are reported in several news accounts of the Mayor’s approval of the raises.  Stories appear in:  Politico: Daily News; CBS 2 News; WINS radio; WLNY News; Post; the Observer; and NY 1 News.  Read Lynch’s entire statement on the raises here.
Jan. 5, 2016 The Daily News reports the NYPD’s request to the CCRB to provide a tally of yes and no votes in cases where complaints against officers are substantiated.   PBA president Pat Lynch writes the Daily News in support of releasing that information noting that, unlike grand juries, board members are permanent fixtures who rule on many cases and whose biases can have a devastating impact on a police officer’s career.  Chris Dunn of the NYCLU argues it leaves members vulnerable to retaliation by the department.

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