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DateFriday, January 30, 2015

    • A Department of Investigation probe that was initiated at the demands of the PBA determined that the Bronx Defenders knowingly participated in a video promoting the killing of police officers.  Upon the release of the DOI’s findings, Pat Lynch called for the shutting down of the organization and the disbarment of the lawyers (see press release) who participated in the “despicable video.”  The story went national and was covered in: Los Angeles Times; NY Post; Wall Street Journal; The Gothamist; NY Times; Daily News; and Time magazine. Videos appeared on Fox 5 News; CBS 2 News at 5 PM: ABC 7 News; NY 1 News; WLNY 1055 News; WOR radio news; WNYC radio news; CBS 2 News at 6 PM. See the entire, unedited PBA recorded interview with CBS 2 News’s Tony Aiello and Fox News’s Lisa Evers.

    • In a separate story, the PBA’s call to end the settlement of frivolous lawsuits against police officers has finally been heard by the Police Commissioner and Mayor.  The PBA called upon Mayor de Blasio and the Corporation Counsel to end the practice back in August 2014 (see press release and letter) and the point was driven home by a recent story about a man who attacked an officer with a machete being awarded a $5,000 settlement.  The city believes it cheaper to settle than fight the case in court. In a Post and Newsday story and on CBS 2 News, the PC and Mayor support the PBA’s call to fight these suits. 

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DateThursday, January 29, 2015

    • Press release: Following release of DOI report PBA president says close Bronx Defenders and disbar attorneys who participated in cop killer video

DateWednesday, January 28, 2015

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    • According to Capital NY, Pat Lynch’s call to purchase vests and establish a replacement program has been heard by the de Blasio administration whose spokesperson said purchases can begin now and a funding for a replacement program has been allotted.  The Daily News, Post and New York 1 also report on the story.

DateTuesday, January 27, 2015

    • Press release: PBA President calls on Mayor and Speaker to buy new bullet-resistant vests now, establish funding for replacements and opens door for discussion on the issue

DateMonday, January 26, 2015

    • Due to weather conditions, the pension seminar has been rescheduled from Wed, Jan 28 at 6:00 p.m. to Thu, Feb 19 at 6:00 p.m. Same location: Antun's, 96-43 Springfield Blvd, Queens Village, NY 11429. Members originally registered for Wednesday's seminar do not need to re-register. For more information or to cancel your registration, please call or email the PBA Office at:
              212-298-9141 Mgrant@nycpba.org
              212-298-9247 Ebaez@nycpba.org
              212-298-9216 Spersad@nycpba.org

    • In the New York Post, AM NY, the Daily News and on KTSA radio, PBA president Pat Lynch calls for a halt to city and federal funding to the Bronx Defenders while calling for a thorough investigation of their participation in a rap video calling for the murder of police officers.  The PBA also institutes its own investigation of the issue, hiring an attorney who is the son of an officer killed in the line of duty to spearhead it.

DateSunday, January 25, 2015

    • Press release: PBA says halt funding to Bronx Defenders during investigation of participation in cop-killer video

DateSunday, January 25, 2015

    • Press release: PBA says halt funding to Bronx Defenders during investigation of participation in cop-killer video

DateFriday, January 23, 2015

    • The families of Police Officers Liu and Ramos joined Pat Lynch at the City Council’s vote to rename two streets in their honor.  The story was published in the Daily News; Capital NY and AM NY/Newsday and shown on ABC 7 News.

DateThursday, January 22, 2015

DateMonday, January 19, 2015

    • New York 1 News and WINS radio report that Pat Lynch pressure put on City Hall was about getting real support for police officers not an apology from the mayor.

    • In a letter to the editor of Crain's New York Business, Pat Lynch challenges the magazine's description of the legislation to improve Tier 3 accident disability benefits as a "pension sweetener."

DateSaturday, January 17, 2015

    • The Daily News, Post and Newsday and NY 1 News, ABC 7 News, Fox 5 News, 1010 WINS, and CBS 880 News radio report that Lynch is not concerned with polls of civilians saying “I fight for and speak for police officers of the City of New York and they are the only ones whose opinions I care about.”

    • NY 1 News reports the union's reaction to the purchase of new vests by the City Council where Pat Lynch praise the move but calls for a steady funding stream for regular replacement.

    • The Post, Daily News, Newsday and Wall Street Journal report on the release of police officer Dossi in which Pat Lynch thanks the hospitals staff for their fine work.

DateFriday, January 16, 2015

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    • In a Wall Street Journal story about more proposed anti-cop legislation that is before the City Council, Pat Lynch called it an example of the council meddling in NYPD affairs.  In a Daily News follow up story to the manufactured turmoil at the delegate’s meeting Lynch is quoted saying that the Mayor is the roadblock to many improvements for officers because “..he doesn’t care” and noted that it was de Blasio who was stirring it up.

    • Press release: PBA President speaks to low poll numbers among non-police officers

    • Help support the families of our fallen brothers:  Get the "I Love New York's Finest" T-shirt from Modell's.  100% of the proceeds go to the Ramos and Liu families.

DateThursday, January 15, 2015

    • The NY Post ran a letter to the editor from Pat Lynch objecting to their Tier 3 editorial called “Paying Off Police” and calling for the equalization of benefits for all police officers.

    • In a separate story in the Post about de Blasio’s delight in PBA discord, Lynch said the agitators are “…doing the Mayor’s bidding” while saying in a different Post story about the ticket fixing trial that PBA has “been very vocal” about the unfairness of the indictment and has hired “the best counsel for each of the wrongfully accused police officers.”    In a New York Times story about the recent delegate’s meeting Lynch is quoted as saying that the agitators were “…using legitimate complaints about City Hall to repair their own weakened and damaged credibility.”   Dave Evans of ABC 7 News speaks with Pat Lynch regarding an opposition candidate in an upcoming election. 

    • Newsday, Capital NY all report on the Mayor’s comment that he could not apologize for his core beliefs while the Daily News reports on Lynch’s and Palladino’s meeting with Governor Cuomo.  A Daily News editorial makes the case that the Mayor has inflamed the bad relationship with his attitude by mistaking stubbornness for strength.

    • Press release: PBA President on the City Council’s funding proposal for new bullet resistant vests

DateWednesday, January 14, 2015

    • The Observer and Politicker.com published a profile of PBA president Pat Lynch noting that he was famous, or infamous, depending on your perspective, and outlining his family’s union roots, his joining the force and ultimately his role as a “pugnacious union leader” who unapologetically and vehemently fights for his members.

    • For the second time in five weeks, agitators have put their personal political interest above the interest of the membership by violating the all important privacy of our delegate’s meetings. First, by making an audio recording of the meeting last month and sending it to reporters and then at the January meeting staging a loud confrontation for a reporter’s benefit.  In doing so, these traitors to the union effectively played right into the hands of our liberal, cop-hating Mayor by giving the false impression that the PBA was divided.  The 400 delegates who attended saw the truth that it was a handful of wannabes orchestrating it for reporters and who then phoned in false accounts to the media.  Here are the stories that these traitors generated that gives the false appearance of a union divided:  The Daily News; The Post: Newsday mentions it in a story about chokehold legislation.

DateTuesday, January 13, 2015

    • In reports in the Daily News, AM New York, Staten Island Advance and Metro newspapers and on NBC 4 News and CBS radio, Lynch states that  the Inspector General’s chokehold report shows, among other things, an anti-police bias.  The Times's chokehold story mentions Lynch’s steadfast position that the officer in the Garner case did not use a chokehold.

    • The Post reports that, following Pat Lynch’s remarks on NPR radio, former PC Ray Kelly noted that the Mayor should apologize for creating a negative atmosphere between police and City Hall.  

    • In a Wall Street Journal report about Gov. Cuomo stepping in to mediate differences between police and the Mayor, a mayoral aide is reported to have said the anger is contract related which PBA president Lynch denies.

    • In a NY 1 News report Pat Lynch says that the PBA will be closely monitoring NYPD management for violations of contract and law regarding actions against officers alleged to lack productivity.

    •  Pat Lynch tells Fox 5 News in a story on terror prep that the PBA supports the department’s tactical memo to be alert and safe.

    • New York 1 News reports on the “Run for the Blue” car show where Pat Lynch notes the tremendous amount of support for NYC police officers from within and outside of NYC.

DateMonday, January 12, 2015

    • Press release: PBA President on IG's chokehold report

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    • A front page NY Times analysis of problems between the police and the Mayor takes an in depth look missteps by the mayor’s office.  The Post notes in an editorial that Pat Lynch should move over as the biggest thorn in the Mayor’s side to make room for Gov. Andrew Cuomo who may be ready to step into the mayor/police relationship issue.  Pat Lynch appears on Fox News 5 to support the tactical memo issued to warn MOS how to prevent attacks against police.

DateSunday, January 11, 2015

    • Press release: Pat Lynch responds to the Post and New York 1 News about pressure on officers to write summonses

DateSaturday, January 10, 2015

    • A Daily News story reports Commissioner Bratton's statement that police activity is on the rise.  The Commissioner said he didn't know the specific cause of the reduced numbers and that he is more concerned about the future than the past.  The same article blames PBA president Lynch for a "slowdown" and goes a step farther by including an editorial called "Pat Lynch: Lawbreaker."  The Daily News also ran a column by a New Yorker citing the heroic work of a lone police officer some 30 years ago.  Newsday also reports on reduced summons issuance and quotes Pat Lynch as saying "our members are doing their jobs." CBS 880 radio news, 1010 WINS radio news and News 12 Long Island TV News all report that the police productivity slowdown was not a "union" slowdown and is costing the city millions in revenue.

DateFriday, January 9, 2015

    • Newsday reports police unions suggestion for a mediator to step into the fray to resolve issues between the Mayor and Police.  Pat Lynch is quoted from his reaction to Gov. Cuomo’s 2nd inaugural speech as the voice of reason.  In a Newsday opinion piece Dan Janison reports the Mayor and Commissioner are caught between the cops and a hard place.  Columnist Jim Dwyer offers his observations in the Times about a drop in activity and the lack of a contract  while both NewsMax and the Lake Placid News report Lynch’s comments that City Hall is unwilling to resolve problems with police.

    • NY 1 News, CBS 2 News and NBC 4 News report on the PBA’s ad pushing back on allegations that police/mayoral problems are contract related.  News 12 Long Island follows up on the meeting between the five police unions and the police commissioner while PIX 11 News looks at the impact of less quality of life enforcement in a housing project.

DateThursday, January 8, 2015

    • Speaking outside 1 Police Plaza following a meeting between the five police unions and Police Commissioner Bratton, Pat Lynch said that the unions' concerns about the safety of police officers and the public were discussed, but there is still no willingness on the part of City Hall to solve these problem.  Lynch's remarks were aired on ABC 7 News, PIX 11 News, CBS 2 News, NPR and WINS radio. New York 1 also referenced the PBA's newspaper ads thanking New Yorkers for their support.  Print stories appeared in the Daily News, Newsday, the Wall Street Journal, Metro, Reuters, DNAinfo and Capital New York.

    • The Daily News, AM New York and the Post reported on the hospital walkout of P.O. Aliro Pellerano, who was wounded Monday while responding to a robbery in the Bronx. Speaking at the hospital, Pat Lynch praised the bravery and dedication that Pellerano and his colleagues displayed in responding to the call even though they were about to go off duty.  He noted that any other New York City police officer would have done the same.  TV reports on Pellerano's release appeared on Fox 5 News, New York 1, ABC 7 News, NBC 4 News and CBS 2 News.

    • Capital NY reports that the PBA's campaign to improve accident disability benefits for pension Tier 3 members is gaining ground in the City Council, with more than half of Council Member signing onto a resolution in support of the change.

    • In ads appearing in papers around the city this week, the PBA thanks the real New Yorkers who have stood with police officers as we mourn our fallen brothers.

DateWednesday, January 7, 2015

    • Press release: Statement of the five Police Unions following a meeting with the Police Commissioner.

    • WCBS 880 Radio reported Pat Lynch's praise for the swift apprehension of the suspects who wounded two police officers in the Bronx. Lynch said that cowardly thugs must know that "when you attack one of us, you attack all of us and that the NYPD will do all in its power to bring you to justice and to hold you accountable."

    • In an interview with the Observer, Pat Lynch said that the recent attacks on police officers have forced the already-understaffed NYPD to devote additional resources to protect its members so that they can protect the public.  These precautions come on top of the drain on resources caused by recent anti-police protests. Lynch's comments on the allegations of an organized "slowdown" were also reported by the Wall Street Journal, Capital New York, the Times, the Daily News, the Staten Island Advance and on PIX 11 News.

DateTuesday, January 6, 2015

    • In interviews on NPR's All Things Considered and with NewsMax TV's Steve Malzberg, Pat Lynch said that the expressions of frustration directed at Mayor de Blasio by police officers and their supporters are a result of the unchecked anti-police climate on the streets, in which every encounter with a police officer turns into a confrontation. The NPR interview was excerpted in stories on Huffington Post, Capital New York and PoliticoABC 7 News aired a portion of the NewsMax interview.

    • Press release — PBA president speaks to the arrest of the two individuals who shot two officers in the 46 Precinct last evening during a robbery

    • Press release — PBA President: No Slowdown

    • The Chief Leader covers the funeral of P.O. Wenjian Liu along with discussion of the tensions between police officers and City Hall.

DateMonday, January 5, 2015

    • Amid the extensive coverage of the outpouring of love and respect for PO Liu shown at his funeral, there were sidebar stories about officers turning their backs on the mayor for the third time.  Pat Lynch called it a demonstration of how many officers feel and that it was organic and respectfully done. He also noted that his members have every right to express their feelings and that their feelings should be respected.  Stories appeared in the Daily News, Post, Newsday and Wall Street Journal and on Fox 5 News, New York 1 News, NBC 4 News, and CNN.  Mike Daly of the Daily Beast writes about Pat Lynch’s handling of a difficult situation.

DateSunday, January 4, 2015

    • Among extensive television coverage of the funeral of fallen police officer Wenjian Liu, PIX 11 News emphasized the outpouring of support from Liu's law enforcement brothers and sisters from departments nationwide. NBC 4 News and the Observer reported Pat Lynch's comment that the decision of some officers and members of the public to turn their backs to the Mayor was an organic gesture that deserves to be respected. Coverage of the funeral also appeared on ABC 7 News and CBS 2 News.

    • USA Today, the Huffington Post and Newsday reported on the sea of blue that filled the streets of Brooklyn today, as thousands of police officers from every corner of the country gave a final salute to a fallen brother, Wenjian Liu.

    • The Staten Island Advance interviewed some of the many officers from across the country who paid their respects at the wake for fallen police officer Wenjian Liu. Stories about the wake also appeared in Newsday and the Daily News and on CBS 2 News, ABC 7 News, NBC 4 News, Fox News and News 12 Long Island.

DateSaturday, January 3, 2015

    • While the PBA continues its news blackout out of respect for the families of Officers Liu and Ramos, Pat Lynch's past comments from weeks ago continue to be repeated in breaking news reported in the Daily News and analysis on labor relations on Buzzfeed and in a history of feud between the PBA and the Mayor, also on Buzzfeed.

    • ABC 7 News reports on the Police Commissioner's memo about behavior at Officer Liu's funeral and uses a sound bite from Pat Lynch from after the five police unions met with the mayor and Bratton.

DateThursday, January 1, 2015

    • Press release: PBA President comments on Gov. Cuomo's Inaugural Address

    • Capital New York and NBC 4 News reported Pat Lynch's comments to Gov. Cuomo's second inaugural address. Lynch expressed his appreciation for Cuomo's call for respect and support for police officers.

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