The PBA prepares simple wills and related life planning documents for active and retired Members and their spouses through its Wills Program (the “Program”).  In order to be eligible for the Wills Program, Members must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be either an active or retired New York City Police Officer;
  • must be a PBA Union Member in good standing; and
  • must be domiciled in New York State.

Certain considerations may warrant that you go outside the Program to secure an attorney, including: an out-of-state domicile, the amount of assets involved in your estate, the nature of your assets, or the complexity of family relationships impacting claims on the estate.  Similarly, we will not provide any form of tax or estate planning in connection with the preparation of your simple will.  If you need such services, you should retain your own attorney.

In order to prepare your will, we need to obtain certain information about you, your family, and your assets.  We ask that you provide this information by completing the Confidential Will Interview form.  It is important that you complete this form accurately as the information will be used to draft your will.  If you are requesting a will for your spouse, please have your spouse print and complete an additional form as well.

The Confidential Will Interview Form, Living Will, Health Care Proxy and Durable Power of Attorney forms have been included in the links listed below.  Click the links to download and print the documents. 

Note: These are worksheets, which will be used to draft documents for you to execute.  Do not execute these sample documents.

Please consider which of these forms you would like to have prepared and kindly provide the information requested.  You should then return the completed forms to us at: 125 Broad Street, 11th Floor, New York, New York 10004, Attention: PBA Wills Program.   

When we receive your completed materials, we will draft your will and other life planning documents and send them to you for your review.  Once you have had an opportunity to review the documents and confirm the accuracy of the information contained therein, you should contact the PBA at 212-298-9203 to schedule an appointment to finalize and execute the documents.