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John Nuthall


September 29, 2004

Not all construction is good construction

NYC PBA president Patrick J. Lynch said in reaction to a pro-stadium protest outside of Madison Square Garden:

“While we understand and respect the position of our fellow trade unionists, we believe that not all construction is good construction and that the West Side stadium is the wrong idea at the wrong time. The PBA strongly supports the expansion of the Javits Center which would create jobs and boost the city’s economy but we strongly oppose Bloomberg’s scheme to spend a minimum of $600 million of our tax dollars to build a football stadium in a location that defies logic. This ill-conceived plan is distracting from New York’s real priorities of fighting terrorism and maintaining public safety. The city should be investing money in its police department and paying its police officers a competitive salary to keep fully trained and experienced officers on the job so that we can protect this city at the most dangerous time in our history.”

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