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  Guidance for all PBA Members on arrests and use of force.

Watch the full press conference, below, where Pat Lynch responds to the dismissal of P.O. Pantaleo.

Fight Parole of Shooter Who Paralyzed Cop For Life 

Please take a minute out of your day to fill out the form at the NYS Parole Board opposing the parole of Solomon Gideon who shot and brutalized PO William McNamara and left him paralyzed for life.

Inmate First Name: Solomon 
Inmate Last Name: Gideon
DIN: 79A4202

And in the comments section, add your own opinion or use the following sentence:

"I vehemently oppose parole for Solomon Gideon, who savagely attacked Police Officer William McNamara on June 10, 1978, leaving him permanently paralyzed and sentenced to an entire life of pain and suffering."

DOH Physician Complaint Form

Your department doctor has essentially the same responsibility to you as your personal treating physician would. If you believe that your department surgeon failed to adhere to his/her professional obligations, you have a right to file a complaint with the DOH. Click on the link below to access the complaint form and instructions.

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Pension Seminar, September 26, 2019

Everything you wanted to know about your pension and were afraid to ask.

All questions concerning retirement will be answered.

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Keep Cop-Killers Behind Bars Forever

Working together, we can keep cop-killers right where they should be… behind bars.

Click the button, below, to send your opinion on an individual killer — or all — to the Parole Board.

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What’s New

September 19, 2019
Lynch Accuses CCRB of Soliciting Complaints

In a story in the Post about increased CCRB complaints against POs, Pat Lynch states that the CCRB has been unlawfully soliciting complaints based on flimsy evidence in order to justify its desire to expand.

September 19, 2019
Officer Medina Released From Hospital

Wounded PO Vanesa Medina receives a huge ovation from fellow officers and the public as she is released from the hospital having sustained a gunshot wound to the left hand. Pat Lynch and PBA board members were on hand to cheer the heroic officer on while reports also noted that the gun used by the perp was a stolen NYPD weapon. Lynch praised all of the officer’s actions and noted that every PO recognizes that it could have been them. Stories were broadcast on: NBC 4 news; NY 1 news; Fox 5 news; ABC 7 news. Print stories ran in: Daily News; SI Advance “warm send off” and “high level of respect.”

September 19, 2019
Appellate Panel Upholds Linn Appointment
Contract Update: Appellate Panel Upholds Linn Appointment: PERB Arbitration to Proceed
September 18, 2019
News Reports on Heroic Police Officer

A heroic female police officer was shot during a confrontation with an armed individual being sought in a domestic violence case on Staten Island. Stories were broadcast on: Fox 5 News; NY1 News and News radio 880. Print stories also appeared in: Wall Street Journal; two NY Post stories on the behavior of onlookers and the aftermath; and three stories in the Staten Island Advance on what we know, domestic violence, and the photo of a gun.

September 18, 2019
Employment Opportunity