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See Pat Lynch's 7/17 message on protecting one another after the shooting in Baton Rouge and the FINEST message on safety.

Supporting the Families of Fallen Dallas POs

July 12, 2016

Dear PBA Member:

Since the attack in Dallas last week, many PBA members have inquired about ways they can support the families of injured and fallen police officers there. Members of the Dallas PD and other departments around the country have always been there for us during our own times of tragedy — which, unfortunately, have occurred all too frequently — so it is important that we do the same for them now.

Below is a message from the Dallas Police Association, the union representing Dallas PD members, which contains a link to a donation page for the union's non-profit foundation (similar to the PBA Widows and Children's Fund). We encourage all PBA members to show their support for our brothers and sisters, as they have done for us so many times before.


Patrick J. Lynch


As Chief Brown expressed his heartbreak over the loss of five fallen "Guardians of Freedom", the City of Dallas mourns. Five families will not see their loved ones again, while the reasoning behind their loss goes beyond reason.

We owe it to the living to remember. The Dallas Police Department, on behalf of the Dallas Police Association and the Assist the Officer Foundation, thanks you for remembering them, with your prayers, with your support, and with your contributions. Let us all move forward from this event strengthened, united and better for their sacrifice.

If you would like to make a donation to the injured and fallen officers and their families, please click the Donate Now button or mail your check/money order to the following address:

Dallas Police
Assist the Officer 1412 Griffin Street East Dallas, TX 75215;