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John Nuthall


September 29, 2004

Oppose parole for cop-killer

PBA president Patrick J. Lynch joined Mrs. Linda Sledge, widow of murdered police officer Cecil “Frank” Sledge in front of the 69 Precinct, Canarsie, Brooklyn, to demand the continued incarceration of Salvatore “Crazy Sal” Desarno who killed the officer on January 28, 1980 while on parole for robbery and who is now eligible for parole again.

Desarno was on parole for committing armed robbery when police officer Sledge stopped him in his car in connection with other armed robberies in the area. Desarno opened fire without warning and proceeded to drive his car over the fallen police officer dragging him for a quarter mile and leaving him dead in the street. Officer Sledge was a 12 year NYPD veteran and was 35 years old when he was killed.

PBA president Pat Lynch said:

“This cold-blooded cop-killer who killed while on parole for other crimes must never see the light of day as a free man. We must send a message — strong and clear — that you cannot kill a police officer in New York State and expect to be free one day. There should never be parole for a convict who kills anyone while on parole for another crime. Sal Desarno has denied a woman her husband and two children their loving father. There is no parole from death and so Desarno should remain in prison for the rest of his life.”

Mrs. Sledge said:

“There is not a night or day that goes by that I don’t think of Frank and miss him. He is always in my thoughts and prayers and I know he would be very proud of his son and daughter. This terrible man has denied us the joy of a life with a good and kind man, a man who was a loving father and husband and a proud and dedicated police officer. His killer should never be allowed to walk the streets again for what he did.”

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