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January 25, 2021 In the News
Lynch Says Tasers for Beat Cops an Idea Worth Considering

The Daily News and WINS report on proposal to equip officers with Tasers. “Cops need less-lethal force options to keep violent encounters from spiraling out of control, but politicians keep stripping those tools away ... Tasers are the one tool the [City Council] has embraced," said Lynch.

January 20, 2021 In the News
Pat Lynch Slams CCRB Hearing for Already Cleared Officer

The PBA president is quoted by the NY Post, Daily News and Newsday: “Police Officer Isaacs has already been acquitted by a jury of his peers and cleared by the NYPD Force Investigation Division. This attempt to take a third bite at the apple has nothing to do with justice. We’re confident that another impartial review of the facts will clear him once again.” See full statement.

January 20, 2021 PBA Updates
Holiday Check Shortage

January 19, 2021 Press Releases
Pat Lynch's Comment on Acquitted Cop Facing Hearing

January 19, 2021 In the News
Add vaccinations to police officers' duties

News 12 The Bronx reports on an addition to police offers' duties: vaccinations. See more pictures on the PBA's Twitter account.

January 18, 2021 PBA Updates

January 16, 2021 In the News
Pat Lynch Says That Once Again Cops Are Being Asked to Help With Health Issues

The PBA president tells Fox 5 NY News: "It's no surprise that New York City police officers are coming in on their days off to vaccinate our communities. Whenever New Yorkers’ need help and City Hall can’t figure out another solution, the responsibility lands on us. We step up, we get the job done right and we help people — that's what cops do." See full press release.

January 16, 2021 In the News
Pat Lynch Praises Cuomo for Blaming de Blasio, NYPD Brass – and Not Cops – for Protest Failures

The PBA president is quoted in the NY Post: “Gov. Cuomo acknowledged that police officers did not create New York City’s policing policies — City Hall and 1 Police Plaza did.  He acknowledged that those policies are not only driving a wedge between cops and our communities — they are preventing us from keeping those communities safe.”  

January 15, 2021 In the News
Pat Lynch Blames Political Leaders for Response to Summer Protests

The PBA president is quoted in the NY Post, Daily News, NY TimesThe Chief, Politico, Fox 5 News, NBC 4 News, News 12 Long Island, News 12 Westchester, WMBC TV, NewsNation, New York 1, PIX 11 TV, WCBS radio, 1010 WINS radio, and NPR radio: “We will say it again: what we witnessed in June was a failure of New York City's leadership. They sent cops out to police unprecedented protests and violent riots with no plan, no strategy and no support.”

January 15, 2021 Press Releases
Statement on Cops Helping With Vaccinations

January 14, 2021 Press Releases
PBA Statement on Attorney General's Protest Lawsuit

January 10, 2021 In the News
Pat Lynch Says Unused FDNY Covid-19 Shots Should Go to NYPD

The NY Post quotes the PBA president: “It’s absurd to keep police officers waiting for the vaccine while there are unused doses available,” PBA President Patrick Lynch said. “If others have passed up the opportunity, let us take it.” 

January 7, 2021 In the News
Pat Lynch Applauds Plan to Rollout Covid-19 Vaccine to NYPD Officers

The PBA president, noting that officers work side-by-side with health care workers in handling people infected with Covid-19, is quoted in articles in Newsday and SI Live and on CBS 2 News, 1010 WINS news, and CBS radio news: "When we respond to emergency scenes or hospital wards," he said, "we need the same vaccine protection."

January 6, 2021 Press Releases
PBA Statement on NYPD Vaccine Announcement