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May 3, 2023

Exclusive: NYPD rolls out new pilot program implementing new tour hours and less work days

By Dean Moses

Cops at a Bronx police precinct became the first officers in the city Wednesday to work 12-hours shifts as part of a new NYPD pilot program.

The new tour of duty was the result of a recently ratified, 8-year contract that the Police Benevolent Association struck with the city. The deal included a provision for altered work hours as well as pay increases.

The pilot program will see cops patrol for longer hours—from 10 to 12 hours—and in return work 60 fewer days a year. The NYPD says that the program prioritizes officer health and mental wellbeing, since uniformed personnel will be able to spend more time with their families.

The program was kicked-off at the 47 Precinct shortly after 6 a.m. and is being overseen by NYPD top cop Keechant Sewell and PBA President Patrick Lynch. 

Commissioner Sewell was at the precinct house this morning to kick off the new pilot program, with officers standing at attention.

“We’re gonna monitor you, we’re going to check your health and wellness to make sure these tours are conducive to your lifestyles. But look at what we have, we have a modern chart that is used by other police departments, and they work effectively. Fewer appearances, longer tours, but more time with your family and friends with no compromise to public safety. It is about ensuring that we give you the tools that we can give you to make the city safe and to make your lives better,” Commissioner Sewell said.

Sewell also credited the PBA and Mayor Eric Adams for including the pilot program in the contract deal. PBA President Patrick Lynch called the day a historic moment and a major turning point for the department.

“You’re standing here at roll call today at a historic moment. Years from now the pictures that are being taken will be looked at—that’s one of the days when the NYPD changed,” Lynch said. “This took a long time to get to, many folks said no. Most administrations wouldn’t even talk about it. This administration would. This commissioner said yes. This Commissioner sat at the table and helped us figure it out. Because she understood it.”

The speeches took place before roll call as officers prepared for the first new tour.