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PBA in the News

December 30, 2020

The PBA president is quoted in articles in the NY Post, Newsday, and on Fox 5 News, New York 1, PIX 11 News, ABC 7 News, and 1010 WINS Radio blaming politicians for “bureaucratic gymnastics…. New York City police officers aren’t just on the front line. We cover every part of the front line: from hospitals and housing complexes to the corner store. We are continuing to press for vaccines to be made available to police officers as soon as possible." See full press release.

December 25, 2020

The PBA president is quoted in the NY Post, NY Times, New York 1,, and CBS radio news: “Why does a perp feel bold enough to shoot at a police officer? That’s the question we have to ask and we have to answer. There’s a number of reasons this is happening. Lack of support on the street, defunding the police, bail reform, lack of prosecution. That’s why this is happening.” 

December 19, 2020

CBS 2 News reports that Intelligence Bureau circulates memo warning of continuing danger to current and former members, especially in NYC. See Lynch's full statement in response to threat.

December 19, 2020

Pat Lynch says the DOI report confirms what police officers knew on the first night of riots: our city leaders sent us out with no plan, no strategy and no support to deal with unrest that was fundamentally different from any of the thousands of demonstrations that police officers successfully protect every single year. See reports on ABC 7 News, PIX 11 News, New York 1, CBS 2 News, News 12 Long Island, WCMH (NBC)1010 WINS RadioWABC Radio and in the NY Post, Newsday, NY Times, and the Times Union.

December 16, 2020

An article in the NY Post quotes the PBA president: “We continue to lose trained, experienced police officers to Nassau County and other departments where they can earn up to 70 percent more,” said Lynch in a statement. “It’s yet another sign that New York City politicians don’t really care about improving policing in this city. What they want is fewer cops on streets, and their refusal to pay us a fair-market wage is getting them exactly that.”

December 15, 2020

An article in the NY Post quotes the PBA president: “Our first big winter storm is about to hit, and we still have nearly 4,000 New Yorkers sleeping on the streets,” noted Lynch. “What is Council Member Levin’s plan to help them, other than telling cops we can’t help?” 

December 8, 2020

Articles in the NY Post, Newsday, and SI Live quote Pat Lynch: "Our heart breaks for the entire Byrne family, a family that has already endured too much," said Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch in a statement. "Commissioner Byrne was a good friend and fierce fighter, especially when it came to his hero brother’s memory.

December 5, 2020

An article in Newsday quotes the PBA president: "The mayor rolled out his cop-free anti-violence plan more than five months ago," he said. "These latest horrifying stats show that it isn’t working. New Yorkers need to hold him and all elected officials accountable for the bloodshed." 

December 4, 2020

An article in the NY Post quotes the PBA president:  “Like so many other issues, homeless outreach landed in cops’ laps because the politicians had no other plan to solve the problem. Now they’re taking responsibilities and resources away from the NYPD, but they still don’t have a plan.” 

November 27, 2020

New York 1 and WCBS radio report on the return of Officers Christopher Wells and Joseph Murphy to their families in time for Thanksgiving.

November 25, 2020

Fox 5 News, NBC 4 News, New York 1, OAN, and WABC Radio cover Pat Lynch speaking at the hospital after two officers are shot. 

November 24, 2020

Pat Lynch speaks at Jamaica Hospital after two 105 Pct. members were shot and injured while trying to help a domestic violence victim. Watch video of his remarks.

November 12, 2020

In an op-ed in the Empire Report, Pat Lynch calls for moderate Democrats to stand up, say no, and vote no to bad public safety policies and their deafening silence while police officers were being attacked and demonized.

November 11, 2020

Articles in the NY Post, Daily News, Newsday, and the Gothamist and reports on ABC 7 News, PIX 11 News, and Fox 5 News quote the PBA president: "Police officers know that we cannot single-handedly solve our city's mental health disaster, but this plan will not do that, either," PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said in a statement. "It will undoubtedly put our already overtaxed EMS colleagues in dangerous situations without police support.”

November 5, 2020

Pat Lynch says on PIX 11 TV and WCBS news radio that election results in New York state show popular rejection of the anti-police views of Democrats' radical left wing.

October 30, 2020

Articles in Newsday and and a report on CBS 2 News quote the PBA president: “Chief Holmes' entire family embodies the NYPD's proudest traditions, so she understands better than anybody how our work and traditions are being undermined and attacked."

October 29, 2020

Pat Lynch blames resignation of PO Francisco Garcia on half-baked public health policies. See coverage on Fox 5 News, NBC 4 News, ABC 7 News, 1010 WINS Radio, and in News, Post, and Gothamist. See press release here.

October 27, 2020

On multiple outlets, Spectrum News shows Pat Lynch discussing what is wrong with the new bail law, and what should be done.

October 26, 2020

In an op-ed in the NY Post, Pat Lynch defends PBA members against baseless attacks that they can't be trusted to protect voter's rights impartially.

October 16, 2020

Pat Lynch calls for the public to join WABC radio's "Back the Blue" campaign.

October 15, 2020

On ABC TV News, Pat Lynch blames City Hall inteference for Chief Pichardo's retirement.

October 4, 2020

An article in the NY Post quotes Pat Lynch praising the councilman for sponsoring a new law: “He knows a few tweaks won’t fix it.” 

September 25, 2020

Click here to view the interview with Pat Lynch on Newsmax .

September 24, 2020

Coverage continues on planned cop-killer release, including interviews with PO Piagentini's widow, Diane. See CBS 2 News, NBC 4 News, News 12 Long Island,, PIX 11 News and WCBS Radio.

September 23, 2020

An article in the NY Post quotes Pat Lynch: “Gov. Cuomo and the State Legislature have spent years torturing crime victims, especially the hero families of fallen police officers. They knew that changing the parole guidelines would unleash more vicious killers like Anthony Bottom back onto our streets.” See more coverage on PIX 11 TV, and WINS and WCBS radio.

September 18, 2020

Appeals Court blocks release of Police personnel records. See CBS 2 news and WINS radio news.

September 1, 2020

The PBA president’s criticisms of the guidelines are quoted in News12 Brooklyn, New York 1, Newsday, Staten Island Advance, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

August 31, 2020

New York 1 reports Pat Lynch saying on a Trump campaign call " Joe Biden ... would be a Democratic apologist asking the police to have a soft touch on criminals and rioters."

August 28, 2020

Click here to view full speech. Local and national media cover Pat Lynch's speech addressing America’s public safety emergency. See NY Post, Daily NewsWashington Times, PIX 11 News, News 12 Brooklyn, News 12 Long Island, New York 1, Fox 5 News, CBS 2 News, and NBC 4 News. The address was also carried on nationwide radio stations, including KPAM in Portland, OR; KSL in Salt Lake City, UT; and KGO in San Francisco, CA as well as WNYC, WABC, and WINS.

August 27, 2020

The issue is covered in the NY Post, the Chief, City and State, Gothamist, New York 1, CBS 2 TV NewsWCBS radio, WABC radio, and WINS radio.

August 25, 2020

WPIX 11 News, News12 Brooklyn, NY Post and Staten Island Advance quote Pat Lynch at press conference at One Police Plaza saying that the city's Democratic politicians have "turned their backs" on law enforcement. 

August 24, 2020

In stories on NBC 4 News, CBS 2 News, and PIX 11 News about the NYPD order to change steady weekend RDOs to combat surging crime, Pat Lynch says that cops are “at the breaking point.” Read full statement here.

August 21, 2020

An article in includes this PBA statement: "New York City police officers are doing our job exactly as directed. Mayor de Blasio has touted the NYPD's reductions in arrests for years. The City Council passed a law that made it impossible to safely arrest a resisting criminal. It's baffling that anybody would expect police officers to step up arrests when our city leaders have made it clear they want fewer arrests and less enforcement, not more.” 

August 15, 2020

Media coverage of the event on New York 1, NBC 4, PIX 11, News 12 Bronx and Long Island, WINS radio, and in the NY Post (event and Trump's response), Daily News (reprinted in MSN.COM and YAHOO.COM), Newsday, Albany Times Union, Newsweek, HuffPost, Newsmax.

August 9, 2020

An article in the NY Post quotes Lynch: “Is there any doubt who is in charge in this city now? The criminal mob is dictating their terms to the NYPD brass and district attorneys, who are tripping over themselves to comply.” See also NY1 and WCBS radio.

August 8, 2020

An article in the NY Post quotes Pat Lynch: "The NYPD"s top brass better start talking: Who really issued the order to retreat? Who put police officers in the dangerous position of backing down in the face of an angry mob?" 

August 7, 2020

Articles in the NY Post, Newsday, and Staten Island Advance and a CBS 2 News report quote Hank Sheinkopf, a spokesman for the police unions’ coalition: “The Mayor and the City Council took a big gamble with this law. It was pure politics.” 

August 1, 2020

In reports of a meeting with President Trump and a press conference at the White House that aired on local TV stations nationwide, Pat Lynch says that by demonizing police officers, NYC politicians have lost the streets and caused businesses and residents to flee.

July 24, 2020

In response to Chief Monahan's claim that DAs won't enforce new laws, Pat lynch said: "That is news to us. If every DA believes that, they need to say so publicly to the cops on the street." See Fox 5 News and NY1 News.

July 23, 2020

An article in The Chief-Leader quotes the PBA president saying that releases of “killers who undermine the very fabric of a civilized society” were emblematic of Albany’s ”pro-criminal agenda.”

July 20, 2020

After a police officer was injured trying to arrest an individual smearing paint on the Black Lives Matter slogan in front of Trump Tower, the PBA tweeted “This nonsense needs to stop. Our city is in crisis. Paint on the street helps no one.”  1010 WINS covered the reaction.

July 17, 2020

In the Daily News, the PBA and other four NYPD unions explain that the drop in enforcement activity is the result of City Hall policies that are deliberately designed to reduce arrests and summonses.

July 16, 2020

The PBA, as part of a coalition including the four other NYPD unions and Fire and Corrections unions, filed a lawsuit in state court to block Mayor de Blasio’s planned release of records related to unsubstantiated allegations of misconduct and unresolved disciplinary proceedings. See Daily News, Post, and PIX 11, and stories on NBC 4 and the Post on the judge's temporary delay on implementation.

July 15, 2020

Fox 5 News has an on-camera interview with Lynch and CNN quotes from his letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio saying the officials "created an atmosphere of hatred and disrespect toward police officers and criminals are taking full advantage."

July 14, 2020

Reported on Fox 5 News and CBS 2 News, Pat Lynch calls out city officials for putting New Yorkers in danger by allowing growing anti-police violence.

July 13, 2020

Lynch is quoted on CBS 2 news: “We expect the Bronx DA to review the case and bring real charges, carrying real penalties, forthwith. If that doesn’t happen, we should just run up the white flag and admit that the criminals are in charge.”

July 9, 2020

Pat Lynch says that AG report is one-sided, and adds that it “delivers reheated proposals that have been part of the anti-police agenda for decades." See story in and on 1010 WINS.

July 9, 2020

In an article in the NY Post and on WCBS radio, Pat Lynch calls the surge in retirement applications “one answer to the question on every police officer’s mind: How are we supposed to do our job in this environment?”

July 8, 2020

In an ABC 7 News report, Lynch explains growing numbers of officer retirements. "City Hall and Albany have completely dismantled our justice system. ... Police officers are tired of trying to sort out these mixed messages."

July 6, 2020

Pat Lynch appeared live on 1010 WINS to discuss the chaos on our streets. Why are the shootings rising? Lynch said: "Elected leaders, our Mayor, are saying there is going to be a soft touch on criminals and crime. Criminals on the street heard that message. They know police on the street are being held back."

July 3, 2020

Pat Lynch accuses NY Democrats of “mind-blowing hypocrisy” for wanting to deny pensions to Cops based on “mere allegation of misconduct.” See story in NY Post.

June 30, 2020

"We will say it again: The mayor and the City Council have surrendered the city to lawlessness,” said Lynch. “Things won't improve until New Yorkers hold them responsible." See Fox 5 News, ABC 7 News, PIX 11 News, New York 1, 1010 WINS Radio, NY Post, AM New York, UPI, Times Union.

June 29, 2020

Commenting on bottles and trash being thrown at police responding to shots fired, Pat Lynch says "This is what a 'light touch' looks like." See New York 1, Daily News, CNN and WLNY, and Pat Lynch's tweet.

June 29, 2020

In a page-one article in the NY Times, Pat Lynch is quoted, “If they want to shift responsibilities reasonably, do it. ... But where are you going to put it? Who’s going to do it? When you fail, who are you going to ask to step up? I got the answer. They’re going to come back and give it to the P.D.”

June 26, 2020

In an article in the Staten Island Advance about the NYPD decision to eliminate Anti-Crime Units, Lynch said: “I don’t want the neighborhood that I worked in, that I brought back, that we brought back — I don’t want it to slide back.”

June 21, 2020

In a two-page opinion piece in today's edition of the NY Daily News, Pat Lynch has a message for labor: Police officers' rights are workers' rights, and the attack on police unions is an attack on every union.

June 18, 2020

“It allows employers to release whatever they want, whenever and however they want,” PBA President Patrick Lynch said in a statement. His remarks are covered in the Daily News, NBC New York and on PIX 11 News.

June 16, 2020

Pat Lynch says city leaders "will have to reckon with the consequences" of disbanding the Anti-Crime teams. His response is covered in the Post, AMNY, Staten Island Advance, Newsday, Reuters and UPI, and on Fox 5 News, ABC 7 News, New York 1 and 1010 WINS Radio. See press release.

June 13, 2020

As Gov. Cuomo signs anti-police bills into law, Pat Lynch says on Fox 5 News and ABC 7 News that elected officials ‘have no business celebrating today.’

June 13, 2020

Pat Lynch responds to City Council’s plans to cut $1 billion from city budget. News coverage in the Post and on New York 1, ABC 7 News, Fox 5 News, WINS radio news, and CBS radio news.

June 12, 2020

In an op-ed in Crain's New York Business, Pat Lynch says reject the rhetoric that demonizes police.

June 9, 2020

President Pat Lynch defends PBA member of the 73 Pct. against overzealous Brooklyn DA. He was quoted on ABC 7 News, NBC 4 News (AM and PM), New York 1, News 12 Long Island, and WNYC Radio, and in Forbes, Newsmax, and Daily News.

June 9, 2020

The PBA held a joint press conference with 21 other police unions from around New York to denounce Albany’s passage of numerous anti-cop pieces of legislation. The story was covered: on Fox 5 News, CBS 2 News, NBC 4 News, New York 1 (AM and PM); WABC Radio and 1010 WINS Radio; and in articles in the NY Post, Staten Island Advance, AM New York, and the Chief.

June 3, 2020

After another long night of rioting in which multiple police officers were injured, Pat Lynch spoke to numerous media outlets to slam elected leaders for their failure to support New York City police officers, especially Governor Cuomo who accused them of “not doing their job.”  Stories appeared on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show, CBS 2 News (5pm and 6pm), NBC 4 News (5 pm and 11 pm), Fox 5 News, PIX 11 News, NY1 News, CBS 880 radio and 1010 WINS radio (6/2 and 6/3).

May 31, 2020

The PBA blasts Governor Cuomo for supporting changes to the state law that protect police officers personnel records from public disclosure. Stories appeared in the Daily News, NY Post and WCBS 880 Radio.

May 31, 2020

Pat Lynch says that two women arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail into an occupied RMP are “terrorists” who should not be allowed to hide under the label of protester. Stories appeared in NY Post and the Daily News.

May 31, 2020

The Daily News and WCBS 880 Radio report on the PBA’s safety guidance to members regarding the suspension of solo patrols and the right to wear helmets during demonstrations.

May 31, 2020

NBC 4 News, the Daily News and Newsday cover Pat Lynch blasting NYC elected officials for their “failed leadership” that has contributed to the chaos and violence against police officers.

May 28, 2020

The media covers the PBA’s salute to the MTA transit workers who serve alongside us on the front lines of every crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports appeared in AM New York and on New York 1 News, NBC 4 News and CBS 2 News.

May 28, 2020

NY1 News covers PBA board officers and members distributing hand sanitizer to their fellow essential workers at the Parkchester subway station in the Bronx.

May 25, 2020

Fox 5 News leads its “NY At Our Best” tribute to local heroes with a segment on Donato Panico and his work to help the PBA feed hospital workers during the pandemic. 

May 20, 2020

On ABC 7 News and New York 1, dozens of PBA members turned out to show solidarity with their fellow essential workers by distributing hand sanitizer during the morning rush today at the Sutphin/Archer subway station and LIRR’s Jamaica Station in Queens. See also press release and PBA-recorded video.

May 18, 2020

In Empire Report, Pat Lynch writes an op-ed calling out New York's elected officials for "not giving a rat's ass" for cops.