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Dear Senator [—] and Assembly Member [—],

As your constituent, I write to demand that you vote NO on the "Police Stand Down Act," S.6615 / A.7835.

With violent crime on the rise, I am very concerned about my family’s safety and the safety of our entire community.

I want our police officers to be able to confront dangerous criminals and safely place them under arrest. If they need to use force to stop a threat or make an arrest, I want it to be reasonable and no more than is necessary — and that requirement already exists in state law.

The "Police Stand Down Act" is unnecessary and dangerous second-guessing. It would make it virtually impossible for police officers to safely and legally arrest a criminal who doesn’t want to be arrested.

Criminals are already taking advantage of new laws and rules that lowered penalties for crime and made it harder for police officers to do their job. Please don’t give them another reason to target me or my family.


[My name]