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John Nuthall


November 12, 2014

PBA president Pat Lynch slams City Council 's proposed bill to require written or audio recorded permission before conducting a search

PBA president Patrick J. Lynch said:

“This is the exact kind of poorly conceived idea from this City Council that starts with the belief that aggressively fighting crime to keep communities safe is a bad thing.  Police officers are trained to observe a set of facts and to use them to determine if there is suspicious and possibly criminal activity afoot.  Many call it a sixth sense, but it is really training and experience that gives a professional officer a signal that something may be wrong. This kind of proposal makes it appear that the Council is more interested in protecting criminals than keeping communities safe.”

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The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York (PBA) is the largest municipal police union in the nation and represents nearly 50,000 active and retired NYC police officers.