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John Nuthall


June 28, 2015

Additional Police Legislation is Counterproductive

Tomorrow (Monday, 6-29-15), the City Council Public Safety Committee will consider a group of proposals that will have a direct impact on how police officers do their jobs and on the safety of New York City.  The PBA is calling upon the Council to consider the negative impact of previously passed law enforcement legislation on crime fighting before adopting any new laws.

A survey conducted of PBA members by the NYPD, indicates that 66% are fearful of being sued for being proactive in their crime fighting thanks to a local law established by the Council last year that allows the public to sue police officers.  And 85% say they are concerned that proactive policing will result in civilian complaints that, even when unproven, can have a negative impact their careers.

PBA president Lynch said:

“These proposed laws — which cover everything from officer’s identification, rules for searches and the use of physical force — are unnecessary and redundant and could have a further chilling impact on law enforcement that will make our streets more dangerous.  While they may be well intentioned, these pieces of legislation have been proposed by individuals who have neither the expertise nor the experience to establish policy in the dangerous business of fighting crime and maintaining public safety.  Policing policies must be left to the police management who understand the intricacies and difficulties of complex legal issues and the appropriate use of crime fighting tactics. 

“These proposals are neither practical nor workable and simply do not recognize the inherent dangers police officers face as we try to get illegal guns off the streets and fight crime.  Our main concern is that proactive law enforcement, the type of policing that has made this city safe, will cease and will not return until the over regulation and onerous burdens already placed on police officers are rolled back.  The City Council’s consideration of further misguided laws and regulations in the face of clear damage already inflicted on public safety is sheer recklessness.  Instead of placing additional restraints on police officers, the City Council should be working to protect our police officers so that they can proactively fight crime without fear of persecution and prosecution.”

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The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York (PBA) is the largest municipal police union in the nation and represents nearly 50,000 active and retired NYC police officers.