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September 16, 2020

Police Unions United Against State Senate Democrats

Unions will target Long Island, Hudson Valley senators who ‘betrayed their constituents’ by voting for anti-police, pro-criminal legislation

A coalition of 23 New York police unions — representing more than 200,000 law enforcement officers from across the state —  today announced an unprecedented joint endorsement of six Republican State Senate candidates in key battleground districts.

Law Enforcement-Endorsed State Senate Candidates

Five of these seats are currently held by Democratic senators who voted to release violent criminals without bail, turn over victim and witness information to criminals and their attorneys and grant voting rights to paroled felons.

The unions plan to announce additional joint State Senate endorsements in the immediate future.

New York State Union of Police Associations - Local 8 President Anthony V. Solfaro said: “This coalition of the law enforcement community throughout New York State has come together as a collective voice to advise the voting public of what is wrong with the current majority who make up the New York State Senate.  The current Democratic majority continues to introduce and vote for corrosive legislation that is harmful to the residents of New York State.  The current Senate majority has and will continue to target the law enforcement community of this state, who are not a threat to the residents we serve every day at great personal risk.  There is no balance in the current majority of the New York State Senate.  The Senate majority claims to be of the Democratic party.  In reality, they are extremists with an agenda and narrative to implement laws that divide the residents, diminish the role of public safety, and erode the safety and health of those who serve.  This coalition is asking you, your family and friends to get out and vote for the candidates we are endorsing.  We must bring back sanity and balance to the New York State Senate, before it is too late.  Do not sit on the sidelines and be the silent majority.”

NYC PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said: “The Democrats in the New York State Senate need to learn that their votes have consequences. It doesn’t matter if they claim to support police officers. It doesn’t matter if they put a blue line bumper sticker on their car. None of that keeps our communities safe. When it mattered, they betrayed their constituents and voted with the radical cop-haters and pro-criminal activists. The dangerous policies that the Senate Democrats supported are turning voters into crime victims.  We will make sure that those voters know who is responsible.”

NYC DEA President Paul DiGiacomo said:  “The escalating crime rate, with wanton shootings and killings, especially of children, has proven that the so-called ‘bail reform’ and ‘criminal justice reforms’ hastily passed by the New York State legislature during this past year have had disastrous consequences for the citizens of New York City and State. We need to elect politicians who rank the safety and security of the City and State first on their agendas. We need to elect those who believe that preventing crime, and seeking justice for crime victims, far outweighs coddling criminals.”

New York State Association of PBAs President Michael O’Meara said: “One need only turn on the television or walk the streets of our city and state to see that the failed programs and laws of the current NYS Legislature are making our neighborhoods a less safe place than they were before they pushed their destructive agenda of putting felons before families. We stand together endorsing these candidates that have pledged to help us restore safety and security to our ailing communities. We urge you, not only as the police in your community, but as fellow citizens and neighbors, to vote for these candidates."

Police Conference of New York President Richard Wells said: “Now is the time for police unions to stand as one strong voice for our members. We have been abandoned by every Democrat in both the senate and the assembly. The anti-police package of bills that they passed has directly and significantly contributed to the rise in violent crime that is afflicting our state. Police officers can no longer protect the communities they serve. We need state senators who will protect the citizenry, not the criminals.”

Suffolk County PBA President Noel DiGerolamo said: “Radical New York City Democrats have taken control of Albany and made police — not criminals — public enemy number one.  As law enforcement officers place their lives on the line every day, this Senate has painted a target on their backs with pro-criminal policies which jeopardize law and order, public safety, and the safety of every officer and their families.  The weak officials who supported these measures must be held accountable on Nov. 3 and removed from office so that sensible leaders can return sanity to our state.  Any vote for Monica Martinez, Jim Gaughran, or Kevin Thomas, is one vote too many — and this goes as well for any candidate who fails to support the courageous men and women of law enforcement.”

Nassau County Detectives’ Association President John Wighaus said: “The Democrats throughout New York State are speaking out of both sides of their mouths; they claim to support police and law and order, but at the same time they’re pandering to and collaborating with radical and divisive groups. The Democrats are helping tear America apart, by buying into a false narrative or by being afraid to stand up to irrational demands. America is the greatest and the freest Country in the World and we have always been in pursuit or a more perfect union. The collapse of our criminal justice system in New York State is based on scare tactics and radical anti-police ideology.  Most of our Democratic leaders have failed to lead and to communicate with law enforcement before changing the entire landscape of the State and should be removed from their positions.”

Nassau County Superior Officers Association President Ricky Frassetti said: “In these trying times we stand united with our fellow law enforcement unions in endorsing candidates that support us.”

Full List of Unions Co-signing the Endorsements

Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester    
Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, Inc.
Council 82 – NYS Law Enforcement Officers Union
MTA Police Benevolent Association
NYC Captains Endowment Association
NYC Detectives' Endowment Association
NYC Lieutenants Benevolent Association
NYC Sergeants Benevolent Association
NYC Police Benevolent Association
Nassau County Detectives Association
Nassau County PBA
Nassau County Superior Officers Association
New York State Association of PBAs
New York State Police Investigators Association
New York State Union of Police Associations, Inc.
Police Conference of New York
Rochester Police Locust Club
Suffolk County PBA
Suffolk County Superior Officers Association
Suffolk Detectives Association, Inc.
Syracuse Police Benevolent Association
Yonkers PBA

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The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York (PBA) is the largest municipal police union in the nation and represents nearly 50,000 active and retired NYC police officers.