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We have set up two different ways to contact your elected officials, using our ‘Find Your Representatives’  page.

Method 1: Click here to bring up the letter in a new window. Fill it out, then print it. Send it as a letter to each official, using the mailing address provided on the "Find Your Representatives" page.

Method 2: Using the links on the "Find Your Representatives" page, block and copy the letter in the red box below, go to the official's website, find the "Contact Us" page, and paste it into their contact form. If they have a Facebook or Twitter page listed, do the same.

                                                                                                                                                March 2020

Honorable _______________________________________:

As your constituent, I am urging you to take a leadership role in fixing the deteriorating public safety environment in New York State. The recent targeted attacks by a paroled felon on police officers in the Bronx, as well as the disturbing and preventable crimes occurring throughout our state, underscore the need for immediate action in three areas:

FIX THE BROKEN PAROLE SYSTEM: Reverse the 2017 changes to Parole Board rules that de-emphasize the seriousness of the original offense for felons seeking parole. Remove and replace parole commissioners who have demonstrated their pro-criminal bias. Support legislation that gives victims and their families the legal standing to challenge parole decisions.

KEEP DANGEROUS CRIMINALS OFF THE STREET: Modify the recent bail and discovery reform laws to allow pretrial detention of dangerous or repeat offenders, and to ensure that crime victims and witnesses are protected.

SUPPORT THE POLICE: End the rhetoric that encourages disdain or mistrust of police officers. Stop promoting legislation that unnecessarily and unfairly burdens police officers on the street. Focus on fixing broken public safety policies instead.

Law enforcement professionals throughout our state have worked hard for decades to reclaim our streets and proactively prevent crime and disorder. Now the anti-police, pro-criminal political environment is hindering that work. As a constituent and voter, I am asking you for your leadership to refocus our government on public safety, not the demands of a small group of pro-criminal advocates. Support our police officers and replace the misguided policies and laws that have crippled our justice system and emboldened criminals who prey on hardworking New Yorkers.


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